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Harry Potter world - how much knowledge is necessary

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noramum Tue 18-Apr-17 16:15:40

DD is 9, nearly 10 and has read book 1+2. She is easily being scared so we have to avoid them as bedtime books which makes it difficult to read during normal weeks, she currently re-read book 2 over the Easter holidays.

She recently said that friends visited Harry Potter world and she would like to go as well. I don't mind but how much do you need to know about the whole story line to enjoy it?

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TrollTheRespawnJeremy Tue 18-Apr-17 19:47:56

I think it would be a lot less interesting if you didn't know much about it or understand what the different sets/props are to the story.

It's not like a theme park. I don't know what she'd get from it other than being able to say she had been. Leave it till she's older.

Wh0Kn0wsWhereTheTimeGoes Tue 18-Apr-17 19:49:48

I really enjoyed it and I've only read the first book, never seen any of the films.

greatpumpkin Tue 18-Apr-17 19:51:13

The film studios one?

You need to have seen the films to really enjoy it ime. So I'd wait until she's older.

RitzyMcFee Tue 18-Apr-17 19:53:19

The friend probably had a fantastic time as she enjoyed the books and/or films.

curious541 Tue 18-Apr-17 20:04:29

I've never read any of the books, I've only seen the first film - I went with dh and couple of friends who all love it.

I enjoyed it from a movie set /film studio point of view - I think anyone who's read/seen any of it would appreciate it 😃

RebelRogue Tue 18-Apr-17 20:11:30

We took DD(5) (ok ok i really really wanted to go) and she obviously hasn't read any of the books or seen the movies.(she lasts for about half hour of the first one) She absolutely loved it!! I massively enjoyed it as well. Just to see the props up close, Diagon Alley, the train. The model of Hogwarts ,the animatronics and so on. And we have an awesome video flying on a broom which makes me smile every time. Dunno I thought it was great and so did DD. Even OH who is not a fan and a grumpy arse begrudgingly admitted it was "not bad". grin
Be warned though,the gift shop prices are ridiculous!

AliciaMayEmory Tue 18-Apr-17 20:20:32

We took the DC a couple of years ago. At the time I hadn't read any of the books or seen the films, but really enjoyed the tour, plus it made me want to start reading the books and watching the films. DS hadn't read any books and had only seen the first film, but he loved it. DD had read the first 4 books and watched the first 3 or 4 films and also loved it. (DH, not so much!!) I think some knowledge is useful and if you've seen the films you'll be more appreciative of all the props and sepcial effects you will see, but it is possible to haves great day out with very minimal knowledge. That said, the tickets cost a small fortune, so you want to get as much out of it as possible.

noramum Wed 19-Apr-17 10:16:18

Thanks all.

I think we will wait a bit and get her to read book 3+4 first and also the movies.

I think she won't get the benefit of seeing a movie stage.

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