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4.5 hour flight + entertaining young DCs!

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bangingmyheadoffabrickwall Tue 18-Apr-17 16:07:32

Any ideas?

We can take the Ipads on the flight on the way out to Turkey but not on the way back; they have to go in the hold luggage.

DS is 5 and he managed the Turkey flight aged 2 years and 7 months with no issues. So we don't have any major concerns about him. He will largely be entertained by the Ipad, drawing and chatting.

DD is 2 and never been on a flight. My concern is that she will, and in all probability, struggle sitting in her seat. I can foresee temper tantrums and she is a screamer, kicker, hitter when she loses her temper and is frustrated. She can be entertained by the Ipad (to a certain degree) but I fear that other passengers will not tolerate her and TBH, I can sympathise to a certain degree.

I would appreciate any useful suggestions regarding activities packs, toys etc suitable for a 5 year old and in particular a 2 year old.

There are 3 adults in the holiday so she will be 'passed' around from time to time too!

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