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Supermarkets vs eating out abroad

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Howmanysleepstilchristmas Mon 17-Apr-17 18:26:11

I'm looking to self cater cheaply this year. We're going to Italy, Austria and Germany. Can anyone recommend where to shop, what's reasonably priced and how expensive eating out is (cafes, restaurants, snack bars)

noramum Tue 18-Apr-17 08:38:56

Germany has Lidl and Aldi plus lots and lots of various Supermarkets, which one often depends on the region. Rewe and Edeka are like your local Sainsbury, some smaller, some larger. One other company is called Kaufland.

Your landlord should be able to give you a list of supermarkets. Be aware that they all are shut on Sundays.

You will also find markets selling fruit/veg and often meat in each city center, google the town you stay in for the day of the week. Plus you find bakeries for bread, rolls and cake everywhere.

Eating out - the world is your Oyster. You will find lots of small Italians, pizzarias, turkish kebab shops, snack bars with Sausage and chips (like a Fish & Chip shop here). The equivalent of a country pub is also everywhere. Prices vary but you should calculate around €15/person at least, maybe more.

Cafe - you won't find big chains like Starbuck or Costa. Most bakeries do sell coffee to go and pastries. Some have small sitting areas and then you have the proper cafes. All lovely and nice. Prices vary depending on the town you are in.

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