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Visa to UK

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M2R2 Wed 12-Apr-17 19:39:17

My mum is applying for a visit visa to the UK.
Any advice what they will be looking for?
She recently started working few months ago.
2 years ago she applied and they rejected her stating that she have no ties to her country so they are scared that she won't go back. My dad is back home and all my siblings. Not sure what more can be a proof that she will go back 😞

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AtlantaGinandTonic Wed 12-Apr-17 20:40:13

I didn't want to read this and run, but hopefully someone will be along to provide better advice than what little I know! Does your family have anything that shows they have a house, either owned or rented? I presume that your mother is retired, so proof of work would not be an option?

AtlantaGinandTonic Wed 12-Apr-17 20:40:53

Good grief, ignore me! Perhaps showing something that says she is working and has a job that expects her presence?

M2R2 Thu 13-Apr-17 09:14:09

Thank you atlanta we will be supplying a letter from work, i hope they will take it seriously.
Am just thinking what will be the reason to reject this time as it feels that no one is getting a visa anymore.

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AtlantaGinandTonic Thu 13-Apr-17 10:59:51

Good luck, M2R2. If they applied that logic to everybody, nobody would be let in as anybody could decide to stay, connections to their home country or not! I would just focus on getting as much proof as possible that your mum has responsibilities back home and therefore isn't an 'overstay' risk. Hope she gets her visa.

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