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channel islands with a 13 yr old daughter?

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tich31 Sun 09-Apr-17 21:54:39

I'd been planning to go to Tuscany with my 13 yr daughter but to be honest the flights coming back here are so much more expensive than going so it's putting me off booking.

I want a decent holiday not just a city break so was thinking of other places and the Channel Isles popped up as an idea - not too long in the plane.
Is there enough to do for 10 days and with a 13 yr old daughter....she's very good at going places etc.

I would like to take chance of possibly decent weather so have taken that into account.

Any thoughts would be helpful!

Bythepowerof Mon 10-Apr-17 19:17:33

I've been to Jersey a couple of times and I wouldn't say it's the most exciting place for a 13 year old TBH. 10 days would be pushing it although good for a shorter beak ( the plane ride is bonkers short).. The town isn't that big and whilst the beaches are nice you need the weather. Other than the zoo it's forts and castles. Interesting but once you've done them it's back to the beach or town.
Barcelona has masses you can do in 10 days and beaches. Palma has cheap flights better weather, beaches and town plus plenty of interesting places to visit.

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