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Easily sun-burnt DCs

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ComeOnSpring Mon 03-Apr-17 20:47:39

Please help. Any one got any recommendations for the best factor 50 sun cream for primary children? Mine have already burnt this easter holiday, they are very sun sensitive, so have a heat rash too. My son already has a heat rash (from about 30 mins in the sun).

Last year I used to use Nivea Sun Sensitive (in a white bottle) but it seems to have sold out. And the home brand I've used today I think has blocked his pore and caused part of the rash! And he's burnt anyway.

Many many thanks as I need a solution for this summer!

ComeOnSpring Mon 03-Apr-17 20:48:02

btw - I note the irony in my username smile

Wolfiefan Mon 03-Apr-17 20:49:11

Are you applying it in the morning to last all day? You need something like Soltan Once. A hat is vital too.

specialsubject Mon 03-Apr-17 20:49:23

No cream answers, but are they hatted and sleeved?

ComeOnSpring Mon 03-Apr-17 21:00:36

I just need the cream recommendations. They have all the gear, hats, sun tops etc

SavoyCabbage Mon 03-Apr-17 21:06:41

We use sunsense.

ComeOnSpring Mon 03-Apr-17 22:23:25

Thank you savoy
That looks brilliant. I read the bit on your link about the Australian standards, I hadn't come across that before. Definitely worth knowing. I will try that one.
Now I have to work out how to get them through the school day as no cream allowed in school.

MunchyMunchkin Mon 03-Apr-17 22:25:17

Ultrasun 50 is brilliant. Expensive but lasts.

IDoNotHaveTheFoggiest Tue 04-Apr-17 13:42:54

even if you use once a day I would still reapply throughout the day

IDoNotHaveTheFoggiest Tue 04-Apr-17 13:44:42

I like the ultrasound or the vichy one is good
£19 but 300ml

scrappydappydoo Tue 04-Apr-17 13:48:17

We use ultrasun - we also burn easily and have never done with ultrasun even in Florida. It's nice and light and non greasy too and doesn't stain clothing.

Nowwhyareyoucrying Tue 04-Apr-17 14:00:17

Ultrasun Family is great. Especially good for sun sensitive skin, prickly heat, heat rash etc

dailystuck71 Tue 04-Apr-17 18:02:25

Ultra sun. We had it sent over to Australia when we lived there.

Hersetta427 Wed 05-Apr-17 14:53:42

P20 is brilliant and truly once a day. My son has terrible eczema and this has never upset his skin. Cheapest place is savers - it is £14.99 for the large size but as you only have to use it one a day it lasts a really long time.

CMOTDibbler Wed 05-Apr-17 15:07:22

I burn very easily, and thought P20 f50 wouldn't work for me before we had some free samples, but it really does. I put it on clean skin before I get dressed, and it will last all day, even when I do triathlons so have been swimming

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