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School holidays in NW London

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Starwars26 Wed 29-Mar-17 16:57:44

Hi mums

My son is due to start formal school in September this year in Hampstead and I am trying to figure out how do you manage school holidays (I work full-time and have so far relied on his nursery's holiday scheme)? Do schools offer activities / any sort of support during holidays and how do I find out - I don't see anything advertised on the school website? How far in advance do you sign up for activities during half term and end of term breaks?

Many thanks in advance!

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m1suka Sun 11-Jun-17 17:25:41

Depends from school to school. Usually external companies might be offering camps at the school premise. You should have a look at camp Beaumont, super camps, holiday academy, showstoppers etc. It all depends on what you kind of camp and coverage you are after bearing in mind your budget of course.

Mair1234 Fri 23-Jun-17 11:44:54

Littlebird have got an offer on Camp Beaumont at the moment. Can recommend Camp beaumont for the school holidays definitely.

roses2 Sun 31-Dec-17 15:10:20

My son started reception in September 2017.

We tried FitforSport at St Christina's school in Hampstead during October half term but it was so quiet I wouldn't want to send him there again.

Other holiday clubs around the £30/day price point include:
- Mad Science in Gospel Oak
- FitForSport in Willesden

Does anyone have experience of sending their kids to holiday clubs which are good fun with quite a few children in NW London?

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