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Oldowl Tue 28-Mar-17 20:05:25

We are off to Krakow next week. We will probably do a couple of walking tours and Schindler's factory.

We want to do Auschwitz & Salt Mine Guided Tour.

Is it better to do Auschwitz with a company or is it easy to do it yourself? (We are staying near the station).

If you did it with a company, can you recommend one? Would you do Auschwitz and the Salt mine all in one day or is that too much?

Thanks ... any other advice is welcome too!

overwhelmedbyitall Wed 29-Mar-17 20:54:05

I got a bus from Krakow to Auschwitz and joined a tour once there - very easy and there are numerous guided tours throughout the day.
One thing I did notice though - locals prefer it if you call it Oświęcim, the Polish name for the town, rather than Auschwitz, the German name for the camp, if you are asking for directions...
It was the most memorable day of my Eastern Europe trip, but even more intense than I had imagined...
I also visited the Schindler factory and wandered round the old Jewish quarter. the castle grounds are beautiful, with a secret staircase down to the river with a fire breathing dragon statue.
There's so much to do in Krakow, I'd love to go back!
Have fun...

user1490943722 Fri 31-Mar-17 08:09:03

I recommend to do it yourself. smile In such way you will be able to do whatever you want and visit places you really want to visit and not those you are forced to see.

Orlantina Wed 05-Apr-17 21:28:09

I did Auschwitz by myself. Took the bus from Krakow. I also walked from Auschwitz 1 to the bigger camp. You can get away from the crowds. Auschwitz needs a day - it deserves it.

I like Krakow - been there twice. There is so much history and it's a great place to just walk around.

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