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Zika virus

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TheseAreTheGoodOldDays Tue 28-Mar-17 12:56:26

Hi all!

Just a quick Zika question - DP and I are going on holiday in a few weeks to somewhere that has a high risk of Zika. We were hoping to start TTC as early as late spring, not long after coming home from holiday.

Obviously we'll be vigilant with mosquito repellant etc while there, I'm just wondering if I was to visit my GP (or go private) if there's a test that can be done to see if we'd transmitted the virus? I'm aware of the 6 month rule and using condoms, I'm just thinking if we could be tested and it came back negative then could we start trying right away?

Shanster Thu 06-Apr-17 02:51:13

Don;t know how much has changed since last summer, but over here in the US those tests were in short supply and it was taking the CDC months to give results for women who were actually pregnant. If there are test available, they might be prioritized for pregnant women?

mummymeister Thu 06-Apr-17 09:53:59

don't rely on the tests as this is a new or relatively new virus. stick to the minimum 6 months rule and if you are really worried about it then swop destination.

personally I wouldn't be going to anywhere with a high zika risk if I was of child bearing age but then I am risk averse to this sort of thing. It just feels like such a huge risk for the sake of a holiday to a nice destination.

Glitteryunicorn Thu 06-Apr-17 10:01:29

I know someone who conceived on holiday in a high risk zika area the stress she went through not knowing if the baby would be affected was horrendous and the midwives and doctors were rubbish. I just wouldn't risk it personally.

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