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Best flight times with small DC

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Everyonelovessparkles Tue 28-Mar-17 09:51:15

We are looking to go away in oct with the DC - one will be 5 the other nearly 3. We're just looking to go to Cyprus so a 4-4 1/2 hr flight. DH thinks that our youngest will be, in his words 'a nuisance'. There's a couple of flight options, so just wondered if any one had any advice on the best times e.g. day or night flights. I thought day but then wondered whether he would be more full of beans then, so maybe a later flight would be better. Personally, I think they will both be fine, but DH is a worrier!

DaisyBlameless Tue 28-Mar-17 09:52:03

I think day are always better, whatever age.

namechangedtoday15 Tue 28-Mar-17 10:00:27

Exactly the same position previously, also going to Cyprus. First time booked flights at something like 8pm thinking they'd fall asleep (2 year old twins). They. Just. Did. Not. Sleep. Actually, Twin 2 screamed as the plane started its descent (with ear ache) and then fell asleep as we landed. Could not be roused for toffee. Then had one twin fast asleep (me carrying) and trying to juggle the other twin whilst H tried to deal with 4 cases!!

To be honest, I don't think there's a good flight time, its a question of which is less bad (sorry!). I'd perhaps now do a morning flight - maybe 10 o'clock flight, so arrival at airport by about 8am, and then landing at 2/3pm and you can be checked in at hotel in time for an evening play and an early night.

Everyonelovessparkles Tue 28-Mar-17 10:45:45

Thanks! You've just confirmed what I thought! The outbound flight is 9.10am and coming home its 4.50pm so think these will be perfect. Though as we all know, travelling with children is never predictable! Thanks again!

Teds77 Tue 28-Mar-17 13:15:56

With kids those ages I would go daytime. it's hard work for you but the kids are generally fine as long as you keep up with demands for sticker books/games of snap/snacks and drinks etc.

At night it's great when they do fall asleep but I've always found they stay awake a good hour or two longer than usual (which affects the next day) and on shorter flights they typically then fall asleep about 10 mins before landing which doesn't help with getting off plane and getting home/to holiday accommodation.

ShanghaiDiva Tue 28-Mar-17 13:29:58

I think those flights will be fine. For a 9.10 flight I assume you will need to be at the airport by 7 (am not in UK, so not sure how long it takes to go through passport control) so this will still be quite an early start from home and hopefully your children will be quite tired when they get on the plane and will sleep for a bit.

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