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Bekahands Sat 25-Mar-17 16:53:41

Hi all,

I would like to go on holiday with my husband and 8 month old daughter in May, and would love to visit one of the Center Parcs in Europe. Having been to most of the U.K. Center Parcs, we have quite high expectations of lodges, however, reading some reviews on Europe CP it seems as though the standards are different to U.K. ones! Would like to go for a VIP accommodation but have heard that even these can be a bit shabby.
Could any of you recommend a Europe CP that have modern (ish) lodges/chalets? Or opinions on the best Europe CP? Also we would be traveling from London but have family in Dover so any suggestions/opinions on the best way to travel there by car - Ferry?Tunnel? Don't want to have to travel for too long with a small baby.
Thanks in advance!

WandaBack Sun 26-Mar-17 18:27:15

It's a few years since we went, and we visited three different times, but they were very definitely more "down market" in every way than UK CP.
I guess that's why they are cheaper.

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