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martifromitaly Sat 25-Mar-17 08:33:05

Hello! In July I will move with my husband and our 7-month daughter in the Preston area because my husband will start working as a doctor in the hospitals of Blackburn and Burley. We have never been in that area and for this reason I ask advice to you. Where do you recommend us to live considering that we have a little girl and only one car ( which will probably be used by my husband to go to work)? We love to take long walks in nature but at the same time we would not be too isolated. Please help us! smile thanks a lot and sorry for my English, I'm trying to improve itwink

3catsandcounting Mon 27-Mar-17 00:59:36

Hi, I live on the other side of Preston (nearer the coast), but know some of the areas between Preston and Blackburn.
There are lots of little villages along the A59 road, but some may be a little too isolated.
Have a look at Clitheroe or Whalley. Both are considered towns, but have lots of independent shops, and interesting castle and abbey to visit. They have good transport links, and the countryside is beautiful- lots of places to walk
Look at Garstang too.

user1487947495 Mon 27-Mar-17 01:24:01

I'm pleased to hear your husband is coming to work for the NHS!
Road and rail links between Preston and Blackburn and Burnley are good. I live in Penwortham, a suburb south of Preston, which is a nice area. I'm retired now so I don't know a lot about the local play groups but there are good schools and nurseries in this area. Send me a personal message if you'd like more information. My husband is learning Italian at the moment so if you do come to Preston I'm sure he would be glad of the opportunity to practise! My son is a medical student.

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