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What car for daughter with short legs?

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woozie17 Fri 24-Mar-17 09:06:43

I have a daughter who is 5'7'', who is long in the body and has relatively short legs especially between the knees and ankles and small feet. Her problem is that she has to have the seat pushed so far forward to allow her feet to push down the clutch pedal that her face is practically touching the windscreen. A disaster waiting to happen. Please don't suggest an automatic! Also who can advise whether in that situation it is safer to get the airbag disabled? Thank you

FruitCider Fri 24-Mar-17 09:12:06

I'm 5ft 2 and drive a very large saloon. How short are her legs?!?!?

theworriedone Fri 24-Mar-17 09:13:43

I hope I'm not speaking out of turn but does she have a disability causing the short legs? Could she have an adapted car?

Seeline Fri 24-Mar-17 09:14:38

5'7" isn't short - lots of much shorter people drive quite easily, and they can't all have disproportionately long legs.

Has she tried adjusting other elements of the seating position? Sitting more upright can make it easier to reach the pedals.

What is she trying to drive at the moment?

Chewbecca Fri 24-Mar-17 09:15:00

Any car.

That's her chosen driving position, not her short legs. She's choosing to have her knees bent rather than straightening them out.

I'm 5ft 0 with v short legs & can easily drive any car I've tried, from fiat 500s & smart cars to jaguars and range rovers.

Losgunna Fri 24-Mar-17 09:17:55

She shouldn't have a problem driving, my mum is 4ft10 and can drive pretty much any standard car (though she prefers smaller cars like a fiat punto or the skoda octavia she has now)

Hoppinggreen Fri 24-Mar-17 15:36:32

I'm 5ft 3 and have short legs, I have driven all sorts of cars and vans.
Unless she has an actual disability I think she needs to look at her driving position

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