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Recommend me a holiday during May half term

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nineanimals Tue 21-Mar-17 14:27:20

DH has managed to get May half term off work. He hardly ever gets time off so I am beside myself with excitement!

So where shall we go? Me, DH and DD(8).

We will consider all options. Abroad (though probably not long haul) or stay in the UK.

Any recommendations?

jenpetronus Wed 22-Mar-17 09:58:07

What do you like to do? Beach/city/heat/cultutre, do you want to fly or ferry if you're going abroad?

leccybill Wed 22-Mar-17 10:00:51

We went to Disneyland Paris last May half term with DD 7. It was relatively cheap and fairly quiet as the French schools don't have half term then.

MrsPnut Wed 22-Mar-17 10:12:45

Malta, we went during February half term and were really enamoured with it. Plenty of ww2 information that dd had covered at school and really easy to get around by bus.

keely79 Wed 22-Mar-17 10:13:24

Sicily - warm, sandy beaches, fantastic food. One of my favourite places.

nineanimals Wed 22-Mar-17 20:16:58

We're going to Disneyland Paris in the summer but otherwise that would've been a goer.

Thank you for your other suggestions- I'll have a look for some bargains.

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