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Moving to Sydney from UK

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saffron77 Tue 21-Mar-17 11:53:01

I am sure similar questions have been asked but would be grateful for up to date advice. Our family are seriously considering a move to Sydney from the UK this year & we are having trouble pinpointing where we would like to live (& where we can afford!!). We also have the added pressure of finding school places (one child will be starting secondary next year). I realise we have left it quite late to make the move as have not registered for school places. Our youngest child is year 4 & I understand that primary places are not too difficult if you are living in a good catchment area. Please correct me if I'm wrong!

We have very good friends in Sydney who have suggested both the Inner West (Stanmore, Petersham, Summer Hill etc) and other friends who prefer the North Shore. We have been to Sydney a few times but quite some time ago. We are looking at spending around £4 -$5k per month in rent (prefer a house) and need to either be in a good catchment for secondary or have the possibility of gaining a private school place for 2018. Prefer a reasonable (45 mins max) commute to CBD and would prioritise this over space.

Would love to hear your advice & suggestions!

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