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Advice travelling with newborn and toddler

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AmyJoanna131 Thu 16-Mar-17 17:29:50

Hi there

We have a big family holiday planned this summer however we fell pregnant after it was booked and will be taking a newborn with us now. She'll be about four weeks old depending when she's born. This is also assuming the birth is as straight forward as the last... obviously!

I'm determined to keep our packing to a minimum as, more than anything, I'm dreading how we are going to get everything we need there with ease.

I should mention it's a European destination - two hours on plane. We will also be travelling with our two year old.

My main concern is where the baby will sleep - and the toddler for that matter. We have a travel cot for the toddler but seems pretty bulky to be taking along with a pram, possibly two!

Does anyone have any suggestions or tips on what to take for sleeping and beyond to be honest! I'll be wearing the baby a lot in a sling but it would be good to have option for pram too during day.

All advice from well travelled parent folk would be most welcome!

JellyTeapot Thu 16-Mar-17 17:42:01

No advice re travelling with a newborn but personally I'd postpone as there's no guarantee of getting a passport in time.

AmyJoanna131 Thu 16-Mar-17 18:11:38

Thank you - but I'm after advice on best case scenario that we will be going. The holiday will be happening with or without us.

user1483387154 Thu 16-Mar-17 18:18:50

Where will you be staying? Hotel? with family?
You may be better off buying a travel cot for the holiday when you are at the destination as they are only about 40 euros and easier than struggling with more bulky luggage than you need.

AmyJoanna131 Thu 16-Mar-17 18:31:54

We will be in a self catered apartment with family (9 adults in total!) Good idea to potentially buy while we are out there. I wonder if perhaps we can find somewhere to rent from.

user1483387154 Thu 16-Mar-17 18:39:49

email the apartment rental company, they may have some things that you can use or know of places to rent from, also they may accept deliveries there so you can just amazon an order through so everything is ready for you when you arrive.

If that isnt an option would you be able to spread your luggage with the other families or are you all coming from different places?

Good luck

PatriciaHolm Thu 16-Mar-17 22:35:50

How about a popup travel cot? We had a great one from samsonite.

trendydork Sat 18-Mar-17 03:27:33

The Phil and Teds lightweight travel cot is amazing. We did 7 weeks travel when our boy was 1 and it fitted in our backpack! Self inflating mattress.
Or you could look at the inflating 'ready beds' that come in different kids themes for something bigger.

LauraPalmersBodybag Sat 18-Mar-17 03:51:52

Do you have a pram already? If not you could look at buying an Uppababy one, the pram bit is structured and ventilated so is safe to use for overnight sleeping like a Moses basket. Maybe borrowing one if you don't want to buy? Can your toddler sleep in an adults bed?

DoublyTroubly Sat 18-Mar-17 04:18:33

To be honest, I think it will basically be impossible to get baby registered and get a passport in 4 weeks so I wouldn't even be planning to go

Imknackeredzzz Sat 18-Mar-17 04:27:34

Yep agreed can't see it happening sorry

KLG3101 Sat 18-Mar-17 07:30:51

We flew U.K. to Tenerife when DD had newly turned 5 months. Appreciate we only had the one but you'll be fine. Will you be BF? If so it'll be much easier. Our DD was onto formula. We made sure we always had three feeds made up. Rented a steriliser from a baby company out there. Fed on take off and landing. Loads of muslins. Baby will sleep on flight at that age.
Toddler - no advice I'm sorry! Loads of snacks and toys!!

unlimiteddilutingjuice Sat 18-Mar-17 07:44:06

As Pp have said: You can ask the holiday company if it's possible to rent a travel cot when you get there.
Otherwise: I have had the baby sleep in the pram and the toddler in with me, in this situation.
If you can get the passport sorted in time and you are medically fit to travel this could be lovely. Babies are very portable.

Janek Mon 20-Mar-17 13:35:11

My dd was born on 28 april and the renewal date on her passport is 15 may, so her first passport took 17 days. This was in 2006 though. We got the earliest possible appointment to register her (i think it was over a week after she was born though), got the photos taken and countersigned before the appointment and took the brand new birth certificate along with the completed passport form straight to the post office for them to check and send.

Re cots, a pop up one is a good idea for the baby, we had a little life arc 2 for our toddler, this is the more modern version, and it seems very small, our mattress was quite large so we used a thermarest instead. It fitted in our rucksacks along with our clothes.

redjumper Mon 20-Mar-17 19:46:28

We went on holiday to Greece with a 4 week old and 2 year old so its certainly not impossible. We had to drive to the passport office to ensure we got it on time but other than that it was no big deal.
I had a good birth and I felt well which made all the difference. I couldn't have managed it after my first labour and now I'm due my third child I can't be bothered to travel with 3 young children so I'm glad we did it then.
We had a really lovely time and hopefully you will too.
Tips for stuff- The main thing is having somewhere for baby to sleep and nap. Do you normally use a stroller for your toddler? If it lies flat then that would do fine for your newborn for naps while out and about, especially with a sunshade cover. It's so much easier than a travel system.
Could the accommodation provide a cot? Otherwise a pop up bassinet would easily fit in your case. Or if you are taking a travel system then the carrycot would work for night time sleep wouldn't it? They're generally more sturdy and safer than moses baskets anyway but it depends what you have.
A sling is handy of course but bear in mind that stretchy wraps are boiling in hot climates so you might use it less than you think.
I didn't take two prams, just one and a sling and we spent more time than normal in the hotel resort rather than out and about. I just felt like resting more. For us two prams would have been unnecessary. I recently took a double pram on a ski holiday and it was a huge pain! Never again! I'd always recommend taking as little of that kind of thing as possible.
I agree a ready bed could be a good option for your toddler. Or maybe make a bed on the floor with sofa cushions, pool lounger cushions or something, to save you taking more stuff.
Good luck, enjoy, make it as fuss free as possible and don't dread it! Xx

AmyJoanna131 Mon 24-Jul-17 22:21:39

Thank you guys for your comments - redjumper especially - really useful stuff! I'm pleased to say baby arrived safe and sound and we got her registered at 2 days old! Husband drove to Peterborough the day after and passport arrived less than a week later. So looks like we are going! Just deciding whether to bother with the double buggy - main reason is to have the carrycot for her to sleep in but tbh she's barely sleeping in her crib at home so I'll be surprised if she settles in that on holiday hmm anyway thanks again for the advice to those that shared - we'll manage just fine in the end I'm sure! I like your approach redjumper - fuss free as much as poss! Xxx

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