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advice for travel to istanbul/venice/european cruise - city mini or umbrella

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ExpatTrailingSpouse Mon 06-Mar-17 18:35:27

we currently have a city mini which we've been very happy with for long haul travel (Asia, uk, some parts of europe, caribbean, etc).

have just booked trip with one day in istanbul, several days in venice, and a cruise from venice to dubrovnik, split, athens, olympia, and montenegro.

would you recommend sticking with the city mini or going with an umbrella type stroller? and if umbrella type - which one (keeping price in mind)?

DS will be just 4, still naps most days, does get tired after a lot of walking. thinking about manouverabilty over streets/paths etc at the different destinations and/or having to carry the stroller up/down steps if he's not in it. i've been to venice before but way before DS, so can't remember what it was like.

Thanks, and posted over in pushchairs too.

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