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Sardinia or Apuglia without a car

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LyrasOmlette Tue 28-Feb-17 14:50:09

We want to go to Sardinia or Apuglia this summer but prefer travelling without a car bc our DC gets very travel sick in cars (fine in trains, bus/coach).

Can anyone recommend a suitable location on the beach? A resort or hotel that would do airport transfers would probably be best. Family room for 4 or a suite would be great.

Thank you!

VintagePerfumista Tue 28-Feb-17 14:52:47

My favourite bit of Puglia is the Gargano, but the Salento is nice too. Not sure you'd manage without a car tbh. It's still a bit primitive in providing-for-tourists and most who come are the "independent traveller" types.

No idea about Sardinia, but it will be more geared up for tourists, with prob airport shuffle buses etc.

LyrasOmlette Wed 01-Mar-17 21:14:04

Thanks, Vintage. Yeah, the view seems to be that it would be really hard w/o a car in Puglia. Pity, but I guess we'll probably have to wait a bit longer to go there. Will see if Sardinia looks more promising/workable.

pointyshoes Mon 06-Mar-17 16:02:41

Just to say we went to Puglia last year. We stayed in Trani about 30 mins by taxi from Bari airport. Although the hotel we stayed in wouldn't suit you (just DH and me), we did do a lot of travelling by train (day trips) We're not at all "adventurous" types and yes Puglia isn't geared up for tourists like some other parts of Italy, but the trains were easy, cheap and efficient. We don't speak Italian but managed fine. Because it's not as geared up for tourists it was quite quiet, and everyone was really helpful and welcoming. If you have small DC with you I think they would be even more so. Lovely beaches too.

pointyshoes Mon 06-Mar-17 16:10:49

Sorry - just realised I haven't helped at all re accommodation! If you can find somewhere nice, don't be put off by Puglia being a bit less touristy. We loved it.

VintagePerfumista Mon 06-Mar-17 17:42:28

You should have popped in for a cuppa Pointy! wink

Realitea Tue 14-Mar-17 07:07:03

I have to say I would have been pretty stuck without a car in Sardinia. We hired a house and it was a good drive to anywhere. We were in the south though.

ProfAnnieT Tue 14-Mar-17 07:16:53

We went to Sardinia without a car. The hotel was very near the beach and a tiny village with a bar and 4 shops, which was lovely, but we were hemmed in by mountains with nothing in striking distance and so without a car that was all there was to do/see. Had I known in advance we'd be "trapped" without a car, we'd have hired one/brought driving licenses. But if you're happy with a swimming pool, beach and bar then it was fine.

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