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Centre parcs Les Bois francs - France

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Dontstayoutsideinthiscold Mon 27-Feb-17 10:55:39

We booked a vip lodge as it was quite cheap however I have looked at the reviews after booking stupidly and it doesn't look so good...any feedbacks please ? Good and bad !

pinkchampagne1 Tue 28-Feb-17 08:29:30

I haven't been myself but some friends of mine went last summer and enjoyed it. I think it is one of the older ones in France so maybe not as modern as the newer parks.

pinkchampagne1 Tue 28-Feb-17 12:44:43

Les Bois Francs is the one in Normandy isn't it? If so I am thinking of the right one. One of DH's friends also enjoyed his holiday there. Hopefully someone who has tried it out for themselves will be able to help you out more.

Dontstayoutsideinthiscold Tue 28-Feb-17 14:32:40

Thank you Pinkchampagne...I really hope it will be ok smile

SellFridges Tue 28-Feb-17 14:35:40

We didn't go to that one, but did have a wonderful time at Center Parcs in France last year (the newest park). It was BOILING though so we could have done with Air Con! Might not be such a problem in Normandy.

pinkchampagne1 Tue 28-Feb-17 18:03:25

Where in France is the new one, SellFridges?

Dontstayoutsideinthiscold Tue 28-Feb-17 18:24:18

Near Poitiers I think pink

pinkchampagne1 Wed 01-Mar-17 07:24:52

Thanks. I haven't tried one of the French ones yet but have been to both of the Belgian parks and enjoyed them. The European parks seem much better value than the UK ones and I love the fact you get 3 free activity vouchers when you arrive.

When are you off to Le Bois francs?

Dontstayoutsideinthiscold Wed 01-Mar-17 07:57:55

In June !! Can't wait actually

pinkchampagne1 Wed 01-Mar-17 10:07:15

I am sure you will have a lovely time - I like going in the summer when you can make full use of all the outdoor facilities . smile Habe you been to Center Parcs before?

Dontstayoutsideinthiscold Wed 01-Mar-17 11:09:09

Thanks Pink. We went few times to Center parcs in England, once to Holland and it will be our first time in France...the kids absolutely love it but it's too expensive hence why we go abroad now.

Chocolatecake12 Wed 01-Mar-17 11:13:35

I once booked a holiday in Spain before looking at the online reviews and when I did they were terrible. I was quite worried but actually I didn't need to be. The rooms people were saying were small we're actually really good sized. The pool area which people said was dirty was very clean and the food which had terrible reviews was delicious!
Online reviews are only other people's opinions and centre parks have a really good reputation generally.
I'm hoping to book the one in Belgium for October half term.

pinkchampagne1 Wed 01-Mar-17 20:51:44

The children will love it. My friend said her girls did the high rope challenge and enjoyed the pool at Les Bois francs.
As you have already stayed at one of the European parks you will be aware that there is no oven, just a hob and microwave. We went with this in mind and cooked things we could prepare on the hob. As you are staying in a VIP you should also have a barbecue included.

The European parks do seem to work out lots cheaper. We went to Erperheide in Belgium Feb half term and it was less than half the price of the U.K.

Chocolatecake12 - which Belgian park are you looking to book? We have been to both Erperheide and De Vossemeren.

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