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Would you take your dc's to Kenya?

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Realitea Wed 22-Feb-17 19:59:54

Dh suddenly "has" to go there and is quite annoyed that I don't want to go (I'm a worrier) I've read that it's not safe but I don't know.. would love some knowledge of the place.
We have two dc's one who is quite young.

ImNotOkayyy Wed 22-Feb-17 20:00:51

Has to go why? Family problems? Work?

Realitea Wed 22-Feb-17 20:01:40

No he's just decided it's somewhere he's always wanted to go and now won't stop going on about it.

LIZS Wed 22-Feb-17 20:03:16

How young? The injections aren't pleasant and it is malarial. A road safari is pretty heavy going too.

Realitea Wed 22-Feb-17 20:03:45

Oh god it's put me off even more now

Realitea Wed 22-Feb-17 20:04:19

The youngest is 6

LIZS Wed 22-Feb-17 20:05:51

There are specialist family operators but personally I wouldn't with an under 10.

Zorra Wed 22-Feb-17 20:11:28

It's not all malarial: Nairobi is relatively high altitude so doesn't suffer much. Where / what do you want to do? We've been lots of times (kids 7 and 3) but I used to live there. It's very easy going and lots of fun, amazing beaches and largely very safe and friendly. But in general if you are against going somewhere then just don't bother. Why be pressured into it?

lazydog Wed 22-Feb-17 20:12:20

No way. We had armed guards accompanying our safari back in 1998, with the ammo clips for their automatic weapons taped together, but facing opposite ways around, so that they could quickly flip them over and reload in the midst of any firefight. When the vehicle at the front of our group got a flat they climbed onto the roof to keep lookout while the tyre was changed, as apparently that was a common ambush tactic. It's meant to be even more dangerous now...

lazydog Wed 22-Feb-17 20:14:15

I'd love to go again, personally, but I wouldn't take kids. smile

Zorra Wed 22-Feb-17 20:16:56

Where was your safari Lazydog?? I've never had that and been on plenty over the last 10 years: the only time we had an armed guard was near the Somali border.

LesLavandes Wed 22-Feb-17 20:19:33

I have been taking my children to Kenya regularly since 2011 - Nairobi, sometimes safari and to the coast - nearer Tanzanian end. We have all the vaccinations, and of course are very vigilant but we also use good tour operators who have local agents in Kenya. We have never been concerned or had any problems. Yes, it is a different culture but this country is beautiful with beautiful people. Btw. I am not Kenyan!

ActuallyThatsSUPREMECommander Wed 22-Feb-17 20:21:18

The roads are really properly dangerous. Forget Al Quaeda, it's the driving standards that'll kill you.

Have you read the FCO advice?

Realitea Wed 22-Feb-17 20:22:03

It's not striking me as the sort of place you'd take a small child. I don't like the way I'm feeling pressured into this either (maybe I'll save that for the relationships board!)

Realitea Wed 22-Feb-17 20:23:04

Yes I have. I tried telling dh about it today and he scoffed at it saying if it was that dangerous they wouldn't be selling holidays there

Dailymaildailyfail Wed 22-Feb-17 20:26:08

No- check the FOC website. There is some advice to only travel if essential in some parts of Kenya (I.e close to Mombasa) but if you're flying into Nairobi it's still quite hairy. I might do it with a partner but not with kids. I work for an online travel flash sale site and put it this way- we won't sell any product anywhere near Kenya for these reasons. It's just not safe enough.

Zorra Wed 22-Feb-17 20:26:10

That's your answer then no? It's not really about how other people feel / FCO advice etc but about how YOU feel about it. If you're pressured to go you'll be on your last nerve which will make it a crap holiday anyway. Go somewhere you both want!

LordRothermereBlackshirtCunt Wed 22-Feb-17 20:26:52

My dad is from Kenya, I first went when I was 9 and loved it. How safe it is depends entirely on which part of the country you visit, and how you travel. Where does your DH want to go, exactly?

Realitea Wed 22-Feb-17 20:27:35

Apparently going somewhere I want is holding him back as he 'wants to see the world'
It's like banging my head against a wall. Will just have to hope he listens

Realitea Wed 22-Feb-17 20:28:56

Dh wants to go to Mombasa but said Nairobi would be a 'compromise' hmm

missyB1 Wed 22-Feb-17 20:29:02

Nope I wouldn't take a child there. DH and I went about 8 years ago and I never felt completely safe. The safari was great though!

Autumnchill Wed 22-Feb-17 20:34:11

Went in 2007 with Titan Tours who were fantastic. Didn't feel safe in Nairobi as there was a protest day we landed and we had armed guards on every floor by the elevators but was only there over night.

Best holiday but would probably wait for them to be older to fully appreciate it

LordRothermereBlackshirtCunt Wed 22-Feb-17 20:36:12

My dad is actually from Mombasa. It's not somewhere I'd travel all that way to visit. My uncle still lives there and there are parts of the town where you drive through red lights so as not to stop. He doesn't visit my grandmother's grave because he and his wife don't feel safe visiting the cemetery. NAirobi is even worse, by all accounts.

If you were thinking about flying into the Masai Mara, then I'd say go for it. But there are a hundred places in Africa that would make for a better family holiday than Mombasa and Nairobi.

Realitea Wed 22-Feb-17 20:40:30

Thank you. I will remember that when it comes up in conversation again.

Arcadia Wed 22-Feb-17 20:50:48

He says if it was dangerous they wouldn't sell holidays there. Erm ... Tunisia? I wouldn't go personally, not with children anyway. We won't even go to turkey now having had some lovely times there. I would without DC though. We went to Egypt (Sinai) before DC but wouldn't now. He can go with a mate then you get to do a holiday you want to do with a friend?

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