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Family holidays Ireland

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Inneedofaholiday2017 Thu 16-Feb-17 10:22:51

Can anyone recommend a family friendly hotel or self catering accommodation - ideally a complex with things for the kids (baby and preschooler) to do? Anywhere in Ireland but close to Dublin an advantage. Tia x

FreeButtonBee Thu 16-Feb-17 10:27:13

kellys is the place.

Inneedofaholiday2017 Thu 16-Feb-17 10:29:57

Thank you - willl take a look!

A1Sharon Thu 16-Feb-17 10:52:11

Agree Kellys! Its perfect. Expensive though. We pay the same for a week in Kellys as two weeks in a villa in Mallorca.
A member of staff in Kellys that has young children recommended the Hudson Bay Hotel to me.

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