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Driving to Switzerland from London

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user1475317873 Sat 11-Feb-17 22:48:10

Has anybody done it? Thinking of a last minute skiing trip to Villars, Switzerland. Apparently is is 8 hours from Calais. Going on Tuesday and coming back on Sunday; is this too short?

Any experience and opinions? we have 2 children over 7

Thank you

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Sittinginthesun Sat 11-Feb-17 22:50:46

Yes, but in the summer and with an over night stop!

It is definitely do able, but think it might take longer than 8 hours (friends just posted on Facebook to say they are in the Alps after 13 hour drive).

user1475317873 Sat 11-Feb-17 23:03:12

Thank you. I guess the 8 hours is without stopping wich is not doable

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