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Thailand with a 10 month old?

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ricepudding Wed 28-Feb-07 09:42:57

DP and I are getting married this year and would really like to go on an exotic-ish honeymoon. I've been to Thailand before and reckon it would be fine and perfectly safe with a baby, especially if we fly direct to one of the islands - has anyone else done this and would we be mad to take our son on such a long trip?

I also wondered about Malaysia, which is very safe and also has great beaches. If we didn't have a baby we would be off to Northern India, or Japan, so would like somewhere a tiny tiny bit adventurous

tenbygirl Wed 28-Feb-07 17:23:04

I haven't done it personally. But spent a lot of time on Koh Samui when younger. There were a lot of westeners (mainy Aussies) there with young kids and babies. The island was safe with good medical facilities. Can recommend Wanna Samui resort - the manager there drove a couple and their toddler to the hospital when the kid got an ear infection and stayed hours to translate. Though most people speak good English.

Great beaches and you can fly to the island.

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