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All clear travel insurance

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kath6144 Thu 09-Feb-17 12:07:02

Can I ask if anyone has used Allclear travel insurance, and had to claim, if so what were they like to deal with? Any problems?

We have a trip to USA booked in summer, a few medical conditions to declare for me and DC.

I have a quote from LV, who we used for a trip to Canada in 2013. We claimed on that trip for a chest infection that DD got (not related to any pre existing conditions) and had excellent service.

However I can get a lower quote with Allclear, by at least £100, but they seem to be underwritten by a Spanish company, so am wondering what they are like when a claim arises.

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mummymeister Thu 09-Feb-17 18:40:31

really read the small print in a great deal of detail. we have pre-existing health conditions and tbh I wouldn't go with anyone other than a well known company like LV for that reason.

kath6144 Fri 10-Feb-17 09:02:28

Thanks Mummy, yes I can see that, although Allclear are a big player for pre-existing conditions.

TBH, if we had a claim it is unlikely to be related to our pre-existing conditions, most of which are historical but we still have to declare, congenital heart defect for DD, surgery at 2, she is almost 17, plays footie and generally v healthy, 2 suspected TIAs for me 9yrs ago, again, fine ever since and on Aspirin, but both need declaring, as does a minor condition DS has which he has been having hospital treatment for. Consultant told us it was too minor to need declaring, but as he has had recent outpatient treatment at a hospital, it needs to be!

So, any claims are likely to be for general illness (as in Canada, DD got a chest infection) or accident, or cancellation if any of us got ill before the summer.

I am erring with LV, will see if I get any more responses today.

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