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Moving to singapore

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Carlaoxlade Wed 08-Feb-17 19:24:21

Our family is thinking about moving to singapore - but I'm nervous about the gaze there and the effects it will have on our health and life style. Can anyone expand on this?

Carlaoxlade Wed 08-Feb-17 19:25:36

That was meant to say. Haze not gaze

Peppapogstillonaloop Wed 08-Feb-17 19:29:52

I would repost this in the living overseas section there are quite a few SG dwellers on thees. We were there three years ago for 3 years and had quite bad haze the final year. I believe it was worse again the years after. It's not great, esp for kids but you can escape out of SG if needs be as it's usually over the summer months I think..

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