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First time abroad with 3 year old

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MummytoA Sun 05-Feb-17 21:33:53

Just booked an all inclusive break to Majorca in June for myself, husband and 3 year old.
Looking for tips and advice as we've never flown with our little boy before.
Also suggestions for capsule wardrobes would be great as I know I'll over pack!
Any tips on the less obvious things to remember to take would also be appreciated.
Thanks :-)

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Lovelybangers Sun 05-Feb-17 22:16:42

I'd take less than you think you'll need.

Light weight shorts/tshirts for the DC. You might spend much of the day in beachwear - so any actual clothes can be worn for more than one day/eve. A little bit dirty is fine smile

the flight should be a breeze - it's only 2 hours or so to Majorca -so no time for DC to get cranky and bored. I would take a change of clothes for the flight though- just in case. A book,a new toy just to keep the child entertained in the airport and flight is always good to have in your on flight bag.

I took my DS abroad many times from him being just a few months old - it was always good fun. A lot of short haul, but a couple of longhaul too.

Have a great holiday

ShanghaiDiva Mon 06-Feb-17 09:50:59

His ears may be affected by the pressure when you land, so a sweet or lolly to suck is useful.

minipie Mon 06-Feb-17 16:53:13

For your 3 year old: sunglasses/sunhat, good suncream, crocs or similar. UV suit if he burns easily. Lightweight PJs. You can generally buy bucket and spade and balls cheaply there so wouldn't bother packing those. Nightlight if he uses one. I find mini versions of books really useful for holidays (used ones available cheaply off amazon). Night nappies if he wears them, esp if you rely on a particular brand not always available abroad. Swimming aid maybe - we use Konfidence float jackets which make life much easier in the pool, or armbands. Is he reliable with china/adult cutlery, or will the resort provide kids stuff, if not it might be worth taking a plastic plate, cup and child cutlery. And wipes. A leakproof cup is good for the plane. Maybe a couple of DVDs if your room has a TV and player. Snacks for the plane. And yes take a change of clothes for him for the plane just in case. And spare T shirt for you.

Take a lot more clothes for him than for you grin luckily theirs are smaller.

Be prepared for his sleep to be a bit different esp if it's hot - may sleep less at night and more in the day.

specialsubject Mon 06-Feb-17 18:21:34

Majorca in June - peak UV. Protective suit for kid or long sleeves and hat at all times.

Rubyslippers7780 Mon 06-Feb-17 18:23:37

We took a small paddling pool to use at the beach under an umbrella. Wee one was happy with a couple of inches of water to pour and sit in while in the shade.

MummytoA Sun 12-Feb-17 20:47:11

Thanks everyone - lots of great tips!

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MorningHeavyWeight Sun 12-Feb-17 22:16:31

Watching with interest as taking 3yo ds on first holiday abroad this year. Love the paddling pool tip for the beach, wouldn't have thought of that. So looking forward to going, imagine you are too OP.

LeMesmer Fri 17-Feb-17 00:37:03

Bottle of water on the the plane to sip constantly when landing if their ears bother them (I'm not convinced this actually stops any pain in the ears or just distracts them, either way it works with DS). As others have said protective suit. A small bag of wrapped up presents to open at the airport, crayons, colouring book, and one for on the plane. He probably won't be bored on the flight, the airport is the boring part, especially coming back, so pack a couple of little things for the return journey as well ( going out you will be excited and easily cope with a bored child, coming back is far worse). Also mentioned before you will need very few clothes, take more swimming and beach stuff than you think. With DS (11 now but not that different from 3 in terms of clothes), for a week probably 2 or 3 swimming trunks, 7 t shirts, 3 shorts , 1 long trousers, underwear, 1 or 2 jumpers. A couple of weeks before you go explain to him they speak a different language there and learn the very basics together, please, thank you, hello etc. It is fun to practice on the journey and people there will love it if he can speak even a couple of words.

MummytoA Thu 30-Mar-17 22:06:10

Thanks - more great tips!
His nursery teacher is Spanish so he knows 'Hola', but love the idea of teaching him some other words.
I've started writing all these tips down in a notepad and compiling a list of clothes. Just a bit excited! smile

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