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Hand luggage question - can I take this with me?

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shoobaloo Mon 26-Feb-07 17:39:16

We're off to paris for a couple of days and plan to only take one piece of hand luggage as we won't be taking much. Quick question though - can I take hair straighteners and a can of hair spray on the plane or would I have to check these in to the plane's hold?

prettybird Mon 26-Feb-07 17:51:44

Your hair straighteners will not be a problem. However, your hairspray will need to be in a container 100ml or less - which you need to put into a clear resealalbe plastic bag (the aiport will supply them) which thne goes onot the secirty belt separately. (In that bag, you also need to put any other "liquids", inclduing moisturiser, perfume, shampoo etc - which must all also be in containers 100ml or less).

Remember that they genuinely mean ONLY one bag - you can't take a handbag as well. But you can take a handbag in your one piece of hand luggage and then take it out once you have gone thourgh secuirty. (That's what I do when I am going down to London on buisness - squeeze my handbag into my briefcase and then take it out as soon as I ma through security)

shoobaloo Mon 26-Feb-07 17:56:41

muchos gracias!

tenbygirl Wed 28-Feb-07 15:17:39

So if I take my one piece of hand luggage (med handbag) through security with a small handbag rolled up in it.

Can I then buy food/books, etc in the departure lounge and put it in my 2nd bag and carry 2 bags on the plane?

Flying in 2 weeks and didn't know about the 1 bag rule - arggggggggh

ScottishThistle Wed 28-Feb-07 15:19:37

Yes, once your through security you can have 2 bags!

tenbygirl Wed 28-Feb-07 16:14:25

Thank God for that!

prettybird Wed 28-Feb-07 17:03:55

... or even three if you then go and buy some stuff (eg briefcase/overnight bag, handbag and plastic bag from WH SMith/Monsoon/Dixons/wherever yuo have shopped! Just shows how stupid the rules are!

Apparently the rule re the samll size of liquid containers is so that you can't then mix the greater amount requiered to make explosives - yet once you are through secuirty, you could buy and drink-up/empty out a larger container and have one anyway! Bonkers!

tenbygirl Wed 28-Feb-07 17:20:12

I'm just not looking forward to trying to get all the medicine, syringes, cannulas, giving sets through - though obviously in hold luggage.

Far more than for personal use, I'm hoping my pleas of going to work in a third world clinic in desperate need of supplies will help

prettybird Wed 28-Feb-07 17:30:16

... so when you are asked "are you carrying anything for anyone else?" what will you answer?

tenbygirl Wed 28-Feb-07 17:55:33

Half the population of Uganda

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