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Two Disneyland Paris Questions

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racheyc Thu 02-Feb-17 09:33:20

If I may! The first one, is it ok to take a double buggy or would it be easier to take a single one with a buggy board? neither of mine care to walk for very long periods but thinking they probably will around Disney and the double one is very bulky and heavy, probably best left at home I guess.
Second question, we want to buy the kids dress ups for lunch with princesses, just to check are there plenty of shops with all the various different princess costumes in for my daughter to choose one, or should I get one here as the Disney store seems to have every princess you can imagine, just don't want to get there and there only be two choices or something? Thanks very much!

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2014newme Thu 02-Feb-17 09:37:39

Take your own costume. The ones there are fab, hooped skirts etc, but last time I went which wad 4 years ago they were 60 euros I imagine they are more now. You can get them in Asda etc for £15.
My dd dress wasn't even a Disney Princess just a generic princessy dress.
It's tiring walking round Disney so pushing a heavy double buggy could be an issue. You can hire buggies there. Also unfortunately they do sometimes have spaces of buggy theft.
Have agreed tine

racheyc Thu 02-Feb-17 09:51:20

Thanks for letting me know about the buggy, the one we would take is a very cheap one which, worst case scenario if it got stolen, wouldn't be the end of the world but so bad that people would just take buggies! I might write on it in a sharpie or something!! Is there a lot of choice there? I guess it would be better to get one here than risk paying over the odds. Thanks, so excited! x

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2014newme Thu 02-Feb-17 09:54:53

They have a certain type of buggy it's just one type you may be able to see online.

MazDazzle Thu 02-Feb-17 09:59:07

I bought all my Disney merchandise before hand and took it with me. Every day I left something on the kids' pillows - a t-shirt, a cuddle toy, a gimmicky cup, costumes etc

I still let them choose something from the gift shop, but saved a fortune.

tinkerbell141 Thu 02-Feb-17 10:02:37

I second buying your costumes over here. The ones we seen in Disneyland were quite heavy for the little ones to walk in. Strollers are twenty euros a day not sure they have doubles we hired two. If you want to take them out of the parks you need your receipt with you. So say you hire it in the park then want to go back to your hotel you need to show receipt at the security gate. Also if you want to hire and keep overnight you have to leave a fifty euro deposit on each stroller. Have a fab time xxx

racheyc Thu 02-Feb-17 10:26:01

Great idea Maz. Thanks all, I will buy everything from here before and take our cheap stroller and they will have to take turns!

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Toffeelatteplease Fri 03-Feb-17 22:45:03

When mine were little I took two lightweight strollers. Easier to separate to get through crowds. That said by 4/5 DD could walk it fine (staying onsite); it's not huge if you tackle it systematically. The stroller rentals are quite substantial and don't to me look at all easy to push. If you are generally comfortable pushing your double (mine was hell) I wouldn't rule it out necessarily. Speaking as someone who is nowadays pushing a large child in a wheelchair, It's not hard pushing. Disney is mostly flat with good smooth path surfaces and frequent decent drop kerbs. Take whatever is going to be most comfortable for your family.

Disney store costs for costumes are comparable. So if you are getting from Disney online it's more fun getting it there. Mostly supermarket costumes are cheaper especially for younger ages. But just in case anyone reading this is thinking of buying size ten iron man, it isn't. Buy it there its a bargain.grin wink Not that I'm still bitter about this at all.

First couple of time a bought stuff ahead. But tbh its a bit sad really and shopping there is far more magical. Partly cos whenever you look at the item it reminds you of being there and what a fantastic time you had and partly because some of the shops are quite spectacular in themselves.

I found giving DC an amount and letting them spend it however they want has worked well. When they were younger they had 5 or 10 euros a day that they were given towards the end of the day. So if they wanted something big they had to save they money for the end of the trip. Unexpected Souvenirs we have loved include the autograph books with space for pictures (get them first thing you arrive write your child's name in the back we Had the odd personalised autograph which are much treasured), autograph pens, hoodies (generally pretty good quality and comparable cost to a decent hoody here), and light sabers (I thought this were a stupid waste of money but DS has been well loved and the sound box has survived being repeatedly left out in the rain). The tshirts comparatively are not so good quality or value for money.

Keep look out for reductions, last time DD bought a photo frame fronted notebook reduced to couple of euros and filled it with photos, I seem to always come back with a bargain bag and one occasion we've seen Disney pillow pets on offer significantly cheaper than usual. Sometimes the discounts are fab.

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