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Flying while pregnant

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chocco Fri 07-Jun-02 19:10:08

I have just found out that i am pregnant, and am due to go on holiday in a few weeks, is it safe to fly?

chocco Fri 07-Jun-02 19:11:29

I have just found out that i am pregnant, and am due to go on holiday in a few weeks, is it safe to fly?

leander Fri 07-Jun-02 19:47:21

Yes i think so , they dont reccomend flying after the 5th or 6 th month.
enjoy your holiday

Fionn Fri 07-Jun-02 20:06:09

Yes, you're fine up to around 34 weeks after which most airlines won't take you. I flew several times during pregnancies including to the US, no problems. Are you going far?

SofiaAmes Fri 07-Jun-02 22:00:00

I flew all over the place while pregnant with my son who came out VERY healthy. I am 24 weeks pregnant with my second and have also been flying all over the place with no troubles. Just don't expect the airlines to be helpful or nice to you just because you are pregnant....I've had absolutely abysmal experiences on just about every airline traveling while pregnant and with my baby. You might get a little more swelling in your feet than usual so try to keep your legs up and wear loose shoes on the plane. The rules vary from airline to airline, but I don't think any of them have any major restrictions before 34 weeks. And even after that most will let you on with a doctor's note promising that you won't give birth on the plane.....

GillW Sat 08-Jun-02 09:04:54

I flew several times while PG with DS, to Canada twice (9 and a half hour flights) - the last time at about 20 weeks - and to Corsica (@ about 6 months) with no problems. The airlines won't let you have an emergency exit seat if you show though!

Queenie Sat 08-Jun-02 13:44:04

If purchasing travel insurance you should mention your pregnancy just in case should you wish to make a claim. When I flew to Cyprus at 20 weeks the insurance company did make a special note on the policy and I think we paid a little more for the cover.

Hales Sun 09-Jun-02 22:03:47

I flew to the States and back when 30 weeks pregnant and on the return trip I was 33 weeks. There was no problem at all and I have a super healthy daughter now! I did get my doctor to write a note saying there was no medical reason I shouldn't fly..just in case someone at the airport objected and I also got extra good travel insurance incase I had to go to hospital in USA.
Have a great holiday!

Satch Mon 10-Jun-02 15:47:47

I flew back from New Zealand at 20 weeks - no problems except for swollen ankles so wear sandals. My doctor recommended flight socks but these lasted about 3 hours as once my ankles were swollen they were digging in and really painful! May want to check with the airlines if you need a doctors note as Singapore Airlines were a bit funny with me and I was also told you can't get travel insurance after 26 weeks!

leese Mon 10-Jun-02 18:02:13

You'll be fine to fly chocco. As others have pointed out, it becomes an issue later on. Some airlines will not fly you beyond 28 weeks, whilst others say 34 weeks is their cut off point. I assume as you have only just found out you are pregnant, it is still early days for you.
Would advise some flight socks (you can get them at Boots etc), which reduce the risk of DVT (deep vein thrombosis). Although this is rare, the instances do increase in pregnancy, so something to be aware of - particularly if flying long haul. If you can't get any flight socks, keep moving around the plane, and when sitting moving your feet and ankles around.

wmf Thu 13-Jun-02 20:55:35

Chocco - drink LOTS of water or juice during and after the flight (not immediately before because you might struggle to get to a loo!), and get up and walk around every hour or so (unless you're asleep, which would be excellent too). Take a large bottle of water with you because they never give you enough! Also try to get a bulkhead seat or at least an aisle seat for maximum legroom. No airline will put you in an emergency exit position (which has the most legroom) if they know you are pregnant, so you have to decide for yourself whether to reveal that. At this stage the pregnancy won't make any difference to the travel insurance, though you ought to declare it to the insurers.

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