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Disney California - advice and/or itineraries please

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SSYMONDS Mon 30-Jan-17 14:44:35

We are taking two 6 year olds to Disney California at Easter, we have 3 nights in a Disney hotel.
Its the trip of a lifetime for us- i have bought the 2017 insiders guide, but I'm a bit overwhelmed.
I'm not brilliant at planning, but everyone says I should have a rough idea of what we want to do in order for each day.
Has anyone been? Does anyone have tips or even be willing to share their itinerary?
Thank you in advance.

StereophonicallyChallenged Mon 30-Jan-17 14:49:46

Top Tip: cancel and go to Eurodisney instead.

Much less likely to encounter swivel-eyed loons on arrival into country grin

<<sorry couldn't resist>>

Is the itinerary of your trip really the most pressing concern you have though?? Tha is mind boggling tbh.

StereophonicallyChallenged Mon 30-Jan-17 14:51:02

By swivel-eyed loons I am of course meaning the immigration officials rather than the general public of CA smile

LikeTheShoes Mon 30-Jan-17 15:05:54

We're going just before Easter. We've not been before but from what I've read you don't need to be as organised as for Florida as there are only 2 parks and they are smaller. I've found this really helpful. I hope you have an amazing time!

SSYMONDS Tue 31-Jan-17 09:03:57

Thanks Shoes. I'm looking up that link now.

Teds77 Tue 31-Jan-17 09:05:33

It's definitely better than eurodisney but I confess I'm increasingly nervous about our planned trip to the States under President Trump...

I'd also recommend the DLR Prep website and the lady who runs it has a Facebook page as well which is great to follow. She has suggested routes for older/younger kids. So on our first day we headed to Fantasyland and Toon Town first thing with our kids (3, 4, 4 and nearly 6) and did loads of rides with few queues and got to meet Mickey after a five minute wait.

We had three nights but only two days in the park and felt we had to be relatively organised. Planning also meant we discounted things - the Frozen show would have been very popular with two of our kids but it would have taken up most of an afternoon so was good to figure that out in advance.

You can actually get food without booking in advance (something which was a struggle at eurodisney) but it's really easy to book stuff online and the character dining was definitely better than Eurodisney.

We found it easy to move between the two parks but I think we were helped by going towards the end of August when some of the local schools had gone back.

Happy to PM you more details of what we did if it would help.

SSYMONDS Tue 31-Jan-17 09:09:28

Amazing teds, thanks. That website looks brilliant, going to plan for a bit and then may PM you if I have questions? Thank you.

Teds77 Tue 31-Jan-17 09:31:04

Totally! I still follow the Facebook page blush and am no longer the Disney cynic I think I was before our trip!

SSYMONDS Sat 04-Feb-17 14:11:04

I'm getting a lot from the FB page - anyone any advice on eating? We're going to need 3 meals a day, and I'd like to eat something healthy now and again!

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