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Florida with a toddler

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GrumpySausage Thu 26-Jan-17 16:20:55

Hi all,

Me and my DH be going to Florida in March to visit family. We have a 21 month old DS and we're looking for things to do whilst there.

We will be staying near Sarasota but will be hiring a car so can travel.

I know there's the obvious Disneyland but having been many years ago I can't remember much for kids his age. However I was looking at it through 17 year old eyes so there may be loads! I'm conscious Disneyland isn't the cheapest so want to make sure it'll be worth taking him before spending a lot.

Does anyone have any recommendations for things to do, either certain Disney parks or other things in Florida. Doesn't have to be theme parks etc, we are happy to go sightseeing and are quite an active family.

Also what kind of temperatures would we be expecting? I know it'll be warmer than here but will it be shorts and t shirt weather?

homebythesea Wed 01-Feb-17 12:31:27

Why bother doing Disney when your DS will not remember it? At that age any beach or park or petting zoo anywhere in the world is equally fascinating. I'd just do the sight seeing YOU want to do and have him come along for the ride - honestly there's way too many plenty of years where you will have to put his interests first for an easy life on holiday, enjoy perhaps for the last time enjoying putting yourself first!

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