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Extended trip abroad this summer by car

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Misty9 Sun 15-Jan-17 23:41:53

Am pondering an extended trip somewhere this summer as I may be unemployed and dh is self employed. And it's January and I'm fed up.with the cold and like thinking about holidays!

Preferably driveable as we can take all our stuff easily. DC are 3 and nearly 6 by then, budget not a problem. We like the idea of camping, but not experienced and I like my sleep...

I saw hof van saksen recommended and it looks amazing... drive to Holland via ferry? Or something more adventurous? Probably 3-4 weeks. And dh hates heat.

Ideas? smile

catmack16 Mon 16-Jan-17 19:49:21

Hof van Saksen is great for children, different swimming pools, huge soft play, craft activities, go- karts, trampolining etc. You can book different periods so a weekend/ week/ midweek. They also have specific children friendly accommodation which has helpful features like stair gates, outdoor toys, small chairs and table. It isn't cheap but it is a nice environment.
It is part of the wider Landal chain of holiday parks which are in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and a few other countries. We have stayed at a couple of others and one to recommend is Esonstad in Friesland in the Netherlands. Some of the accommodation is in a 'fake' old town which actually works quite well and there is a pool and you can walk to the lake and catch a boat to one of the Wadden islands.

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