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Going to Spain travel tips urgently required please!

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morewine Thu 22-Feb-07 22:49:59

Hi I am off to Spain in a week travelling with Thomson Fly with my DD who is 18wks! Madness I know! Its just never done this with infant so would like to know info on taking pushchair and car seat, what happens? do i have to pay extra? how do I cope in terminal collecting baggage as on my own. What to take tin of formula or cartons? Have started weaning too! What clothes? layers I guess? sunblock? sunhat? Can I get nappies/wipes there? I am now getting quite panicky! Any tips/advice greatly recieved. Thanks x

vinhotinto Thu 22-Feb-07 23:18:24


First of all don't panic, easier said than done but depending on where you are going i think that you will find that most products sold in UK are sold in spain (if not by same name)as are made by large multi national companies.

check with airline regarding car seat but pushchair should be no problem, usually they are taken from you as you board the plane and put in hold. You then get them back with suitcases at baggage collection so be prepared to carry baby til then.

Layers at this time of year but also sunblock and hats as can be warm in day but cool at night.

For further info I would check - know before you go

have a good time

mummytosteven Thu 22-Feb-07 23:22:14

if you use a sling/baby carrier, I would take that along so you have your hands free at baggage collection. you may get lucky and get your buggy back at the bottom of the plane steps when you get off, that sometimes happens. I would take a tin of the formula along, as the exact same one may not be available there, but everything else - nappies/wipes/jars of baby food can be bought over there.

morewine Fri 23-Feb-07 12:05:20

Thanks very much, I don't feel as panicky already! Does anyone know about taking formula powder in plastic mothercare dispenser is ok thru customs now? or will i need to make up bottle and taste it!?

Beadmum Fri 23-Feb-07 21:18:32

we went to spain in oct and took powder and got water on plane, this was fine then so should be ok as i think rules have relaxed a bit more now.
pampers are called dodots in spain, we just took enough to do first day and bought while there, we took ready made cartons of formula to save on hassle of making bottles (very heavy in suitcase though ) hadnt weaned dd when we went but supermarkets have few different brands of baby food (remember seeing nestle). have a fantastic time, we went when dd was 11 weeks and found it pretty relaxing as she slept in her buggy a lot while we were out and about. cant imagine it being so easy next time as she'll be toddling about by then

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