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amievictoria Wed 11-Jan-17 16:24:27

Hi Guys

First ever post on MN smile

Just browsing around some Florida deals and i have seen a few i am happy with at the beginning of July and wanted a bit of advice on the parks.

Would only be going for 7-10 nights and didnt want to spend the whole trip at Disney. Possibly only a couple of days but all the information online is 7 or 14 day passes. Does anyone know how much it is to buy on the gates currently? Or anywhere i can pre-order tickets just for a day or two?

Would appreciate any good Disney / Florida tips too if anyone has any smile

happyvalley4 Wed 11-Jan-17 16:30:26

We want to go this year and have no idea where to start so following if that's ok with you OP grin

amievictoria Wed 11-Jan-17 16:35:08

of course, doing lots of research away from Mumsnet too, will update on here with my findings

Earlgreywithmilk Wed 11-Jan-17 16:36:54

The best advice I can give you is don't underestimate how hot it will be at that time of year! I fainted from the heat when we were walking around magic kingdom and had to be wheeled out in a trolley blush

You can definitely buy single day tickets, we had tickets for four individual days I think and visited magic kingdom, animal kingdom, Epcot (wouldn't bother too much about Epcot) and erm... Can't remember the other one. But I'm pretty sure you won't want to go to the parks more than say, 3 times on a 10 day stay. It's brilliant but absolutely exhausting!!

DarceyBushell Wed 11-Jan-17 18:03:12

Join Its Orlando Time on FB, great group. I think the 7 day tickets you get in the UK are better value than separate tickets once you're there anyway. Two days won't be enough when you have the option of 10! We did maybe 6 park days and 3 water park days out of 14 when we went. Had 2 days at Universal too. We aren't big Disney fans but the queues were enough that we couldn't cover everything we wanted in one visit, plus some parks the kids loved and so we went back another two times. The waterparks are immense, that;s the bit we still talk about!

TammySwansonxx Sat 14-Jan-17 20:25:44

I usually say 1 day for each of Hollywood studios and animal kingdom, and 2 days each for Epcot and magic kingdom

If you want to do universal, if you stay at their hotels you get early acess to the parks on the day you check in and the next morning (so you can stay one night and get 2 early access days) . If you stay at one of the fancier hotels, you also get free express passes which means you can do both parks in 2 days.

I'd look at the MSE site for the latest on which sites are best to pre buy tickets from. Once you have your tickets you can pre book fast passes via the "my Disney experience " app. You can also use that to book restaurants and chec wait times when you're in the park.

NicknameUsed Sun 15-Jan-17 16:44:14

We found that one day sufficed for all each of the Disney parks, but as there are so many of them it really isn't worth staying in Orlando for just two days unless you really only want to just do two parks.

isitnotsummeryet Sun 15-Jan-17 16:49:11

Orland can be as dear (or Not) as you want it to be.. there are loads of advice on

for someone who has never been i'd recommend 7 day park ticket, bought from UK sellers its cheaper than just getting 4 day passes. and gets you into waterparks and mini golf.
if you bought tickets per day you are looking at about £120 per person per day! and at the moment the 7 day passes are about £300!

I'd stay on disney property, all star music or pop, for a week then stay away from orlando for the remainder of the time to chill out! the week you are disney you don't need a car, as there is good transportation throughout Disney.

have been a few times so any specific questions just ask

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