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Holiday with 2 under 3

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Penguina Tue 10-Jan-17 09:01:04

Dh has decided we are going on holiday this summer which is great...but he's not really thinking about the practical side of things which of course I am. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice....
We will be going to the alps on a walking holiday and we will be taken by coach from the airport to the resort. dd will be 2 and is severely disabled and is in a chair. How would she travel on a coach? I believe there is something that an airline can provide for her to sit in on the plane which sort of vacuums her into position ( that sounds terrible I know!!) But how about a coach? I have looked at hiring a car but it's terribly expensive and I can't be sure that the car seat they would provide would give her enough support.
Ds will be 12 months, can he sit on my lap or will he have to be in a car seat? From working in ski resorts I don't think I've ever seen a baby arrive in a car seat.

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