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Disney Orlando - a few quick questions

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MtnBikeChick Tue 10-Jan-17 07:22:59

We have two days in WDW this coming December. We are staying at the Waldorf Astoria Orlando which is almost on site - so v close and easy. We have two kids aged 4 and 7. I just wondered:

Can anyone explain the meal plan thing to me? If we don't have a meal plan can we still eat?! Or will everywhere be booked? Is meal plan the best idea?

Is it easy to get around between the parks (i.e. Is there an internal bus system or something)?

Where is the best place to buy a 2 day ticket?

Thank you!!!

bumblingmum Tue 10-Jan-17 10:22:22

Crikey, 2 days isn't enough to do the magic kingdom let alone multiple parks. You will have to be ruthless with what you want to do and prime the kids that they wont see it all.
We bought passes from attractionticketsdirect. Very good prices.
There are buses from onsite and Disney hotels to the parks but not between parks. You can get the monorail between magic kingdom and Epcot. There is a ferry between Epcot and Hollywood studios. Animal kingdom and the 2 water parks are further away and need separate transportation. Friends of ours used Uber (get the app on your phone) and said they never waited more than 5 mins for a taxi and was very reasonable.

bumblingmum Tue 10-Jan-17 10:24:13

I can't advise on the meal plan as we didn't do it, we were self catering so packed lunches and the odd dinner out at non-Disney places.
It seemed to be expensive.
There is a website called undercovertourist which had loads of good tips and advice

amievictoria Wed 11-Jan-17 16:54:55

How are you buying your park tickets for the time you are there? I have been trying to find info on booking park tickets for less than 7 days all day and i definitely cant find it with the meal plan attached smile

Anyway, following so i can read the comments.

Chippednailvarnishing Wed 11-Jan-17 16:58:59

What's your budget?

DarceyBushell Wed 11-Jan-17 17:51:59

2 days will be busy! I think in that time you could do Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios and possibly a bit of time at Epcot or Animal Kingdom. Takes an age to get into the Magic Kingdom though unless you use Disney transport. Have you joined Its Orlando Time on FB? Great forum. WRT food, you need to book the popular ones in advance but you'll always be able to get food no problem. Our main issue was that by the time the kids had been at the park since 9 am (mine were 10 and 6), keeping going all the way to dinner time in the park is hard. We left at 3/4pm most days.

DarceyBushell Wed 11-Jan-17 17:53:23

You can only get the meal plan if you stay on-site, btw, but you can book restaurants in advance if you have your tickets in advance. In the UK you can really only buy 7 day tickets before you go.

EmpressoftheMundane Wed 11-Jan-17 17:58:12

You can pay cash, you don't need the meal plan. With only 2days I would choose the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom given the ages of your children.
There at least a full day in each of these parks. I wouldn't try to hop around.
Your hotel will probably provide a shuttle service to all the big parks. You should check.

EmpressoftheMundane Wed 11-Jan-17 19:25:54

I would recommend making a reservation at the Crystal Palace for midday on the day you do the Magic Kingdom. It will give a you a chance to sit down and rest. The food is a homely buffet with lots of vegetable side dishes. Sometimes it's hard to get enough vegetables when you are in travelling. Its all you can eat, and best of all, the Winnie the Pooh characters come to your table and meet your little ones. I recommend sitting back, taking break away from the action and recharging your batteries rather than eating fast food on the run. Call Disney and book straight away. These spaces are always in demand.

TammySwansonxx Sat 14-Jan-17 20:18:58

2 days to do WDW? Any chance to extending that?

As others have said, the meal plan is part of staying on site in a Disney hotel.

You can book table service restaurants in the parks and Disney springs through the app "my Disney experience". I'd recommend Liberty Tree Tavern in magic kingdom if you decide to go there.

Otherwise you can just do counter service as you please.

In terms of tickets, you're probably best just buying on the morning when you get to the park, but you won't be able to pre book fast passes in that case.

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