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High back boosters and flying

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islandmummy Mon 09-Jan-17 17:51:02


I would appreciate any advice. I am flying this summer with 2 DC age 8 and 6. We'll be renting a car at our destination (Italy). I would like DC to be in high back boosters rather than basic booster seats for increased safety. Having checked the cost of renting car seats, and as I'm not sure whether we'd be given high back or basic boosters and wouldn't know anything about the history of the seats, it would work out better to take our own. I understand that EasyJet will allow us to take them in the hold free of charge.

My question is - how have you packaged up car seats to protect them in the hold? Any tips? Or has anyone ever taken a high back booster into the cabin? I understand DC wouldn't be able to sit in them on the flight as there are only lap belts, and the hb boosters would be too big to be classed as hand luggage (plus DC will want to bring books/snacks etc in a bag for the flight as their carry-on).

Any advice very welcome, thank you!

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drcb Mon 09-Jan-17 19:23:12

We bought a cheaper group 123 seat, rather than our standard isofix. Ours splits into the booster and the high back separately. There is a way to fit both bits in an ikea bag, then stick another one over the top and tape up (and remember to take roll if tape for journey home). We have flown to US, and multiple short haul trips with it. Having seen rental company seats I would always take our own

islandmummy Mon 09-Jan-17 20:04:51

Thank you

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