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Mexico - Zika/Dengue/Chikunyunga virii

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Ehlana Mon 09-Jan-17 11:44:44

Have been looking into Mexico for Feb '18 and have found some amazing hotels on both coasts. Weather seems blissful and plenty of trips to explore the natural habitats and history of the country, which we really enjoy.

However after reading up on health, we've learned fucking mosquitoes carry Zika, Dengue and Chikunyunga (fatigue, lethargy, joint and muscle pain) virii. That's without Malaria. These can persist for over a year following incubation. Zika is a concern too, as thinking of trying for a baby in 2018 too.

Has anyone suffered any of these virii, or any other major health concerns? Should we look for an alternative destination, perhaps Caribbean?

mummymeister Mon 09-Jan-17 13:28:43

If you are ttc don't risk anywhere with zika. the risk of getting it is low but the worry would ruin your holiday.

pick something less exotic,

specialsubject Mon 09-Jan-17 16:57:40

these mosquitoes are now almost everywhere tropical, so Caribbean just the same. You need to be quite unlucky to get one of these diseases but believe me dengue is no fun. Dengue twice is dangerous so get it once and think VERY hard about future tropical visits.

but as I said, it isn't that common for tourists. 24/7 DEET (not farty natural alternatives) and cover up especially at dawn and dusk.

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