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Camping in France - Weather

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CrouchEndMum Sun 08-Jan-17 21:33:13

We are looking at booking a canvas holidays type of holiday in late july/early aug. We have DDs aged 6 and 4, and DS aged just 1. He will not be able to stand being in the car all day, so we are limited as to how far we can venture into france. I'm guessing the further south you go, the better the weather, but does anyone have any actual experience of the Loire valley in July/Aug? We went in July last year and it was scorchio (37 degrees, which we loved) but the staff said this was a bit of a heatwave and it had rained the previous week. If its going to rain all week then we might as well camp in england! help please

frenchfancy Mon 09-Jan-17 12:36:50

Try the Vendee. What you are looking for is sunshine rather than really high temp. The Vendee, in particular the South Vendee, has the most sunshine in France outside the cote d'Azur. 3 hours drive from St Malo

Ancienchateau Tue 10-Jan-17 13:04:49

It's very unusual for it to rain for a week in July or August in The Loire. Usually it is very warm and sunny. It was in the 30s last year, like every year I've known here, and yes there was even a heatwave. End May/early June was unusually poor weather - a lot of rain.

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