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Driving to Denmark/Sweden

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AveEldon Sun 08-Jan-17 10:53:23

Starting to plan our summer holiday and wondering about driving to Denmark & Sweden

If you've done this I'd welcome suggestions on which channel crossing is best and places to stop on the way.


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AveEldon Tue 10-Jan-17 13:17:57


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languagelearner Sat 14-Jan-17 15:32:10

Why not rent a car with the steering wheel on the right (=left) side? Won't it be difficult to drive around in a car with the steering wheel on the other side, difficult to see traffic when you're to overtake a car (on its left side) etc. ?

AveEldon Sat 14-Jan-17 17:40:49

Car rental is expensive for 4 weeks so we prefer to take our own car

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AveEldon Sun 15-Jan-17 15:51:38

Anyone else driven there?

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scaryteacher Sun 15-Jan-17 16:03:20

Language I drive a UK car in Belgium, and have done for a's not difficult!

NicknameUsed Sun 15-Jan-17 17:06:53

There are ferries between Harwich and Esbjerg, Hull and Rotterdam and Newcastle and Amsterdam.

pericat Sun 15-Jan-17 17:12:19

We drove to Denmark two years ago and had a wonderful holiday. We took the ferry from Hawick to Esbjerg but I am not sure that crossing still runs.

We were going to a sporting event near Arhuss. We had a European satnav and had no problems at all. Roads were wonderfully clear even in "rush hour" traffic. We loved Denmark. Everything seemed to just work well with no hassle.

It was expensive though!!

Bananalanacake Sun 15-Jan-17 17:14:39

You go over toll bridges to get to Sweden from Denmark, after Copenhagen there's the bridge to Malmo. Or there is a ferry from Fredricshavn to Goteburg but it takes over 3 hours.

unicornsIlovethem Sun 15-Jan-17 17:36:58

We did Dover to Calais and up through Germany. I'm not sure there are many ferries now which go significantly north.

Denmark was a long full day drive through Germany which was fine but hard work and need to really really concentrate. Denmark itself was lovely. We went on into Norway through Sweden. Norway was really hard to drive round because of the geography - it takes a very long time - 3 days of driving from Oslo to Bergen although we stopped a bit.

Sweden was horribly boring. 50mph speed limit in perpetual twilight but it might have been better if we weren't just going through to Norway.

OublietteBravo Sun 15-Jan-17 17:41:04

It's a long way now that the Harwich to Esbjerg ferry no longer runs. Ferry to Netherlands is probably the best bet.

AveEldon Sun 15-Jan-17 18:28:50

We used to take the Harwich and Esbjerg ferry.
Last time we flew as it was only a 2 week trip but my OH would prefer to try the drive as we will be going for longer

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Teds77 Sun 15-Jan-17 19:49:55

I've done this a few different ways but as a child/teenager as I have family in Sweden. Not sure which crossings still exist. There was a direct ferry from Newcastle to Gothenburg (grew up in Yorkshire so not too far a drive for us) but I don't think that still exists. My parents hated it though, so I wonder if we kids were hard work!! We also did Harwich Esjberg one time and spent most of our time in Denmark with only a few days in Sweden. Again I think my parents really hated the long ferry journey.

The last few times we did it, even though we had a caravan, I think we did Dover-Zeebruge and then we will have done a crossing between Germany and Denmark - something like Rodbyhaven and Puttgarten but apologies for my spelling! We'd usually take our time so I remember one time have a few days in Lubeck and Hamburg on the way out and then have a few days in The Netherlands on the way home.

We always did the short crossing between Helsingborg and Helsingor (sp?) but this was in the days before the bridge.

Enjoy - great countries!

AveEldon Mon 16-Jan-17 12:00:45

Thanks, I think we might try the Puttgarden crossing

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lovelyupnorth Tue 24-Jan-17 08:44:11

We flew to Copenhagen and hired a car. Cost a lot less than the ferry fair never mind the travelling time.

lovelyupnorth Tue 24-Jan-17 08:45:34

Newcastle - Amsterdam.

All the Scandinavian routes have ceased which is a shame.

AveEldon Thu 26-Jan-17 12:30:24

The Channel Tunnel looks pretty cheap at under £200 return
Car hire in Sweden for 4 weeks will be more than £1000 and flights at least £400

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anonymice Thu 26-Jan-17 12:33:35

We drove last year to Copenhagen. Used the puttgarden to roedby route. I have family in Germany though so we stopped overnight in first Belgium and then Germany. We had a nice drive. Have a good holiday !

lovelyupnorth Thu 26-Jan-17 12:55:21

Wow we paid 38 each for flights and £200 for two weeks car hire from Avis in August - group c car I think we ended up with a Renault captor.

anonymice Thu 26-Jan-17 13:12:26

like Teds77 I would recommend Luebeck for a break. We also stayed in Ghent which is lovely, and Hamburg which is ace. on the way back we came through the Netherlands to Dunkirk and stayed overnight in Breda. Also very lovely.

AveEldon Thu 26-Jan-17 15:36:21

Thanks for the suggestions of places to stay
We need a big car as there are 6 of us

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gardeningsarah Fri 27-Jan-17 20:59:14

In 2012 we took the ferry from Harwich to Hook of Holland (overnight). You arrive about 8am following day and got Denmark - LEGOLAND about 5pm and that included a couple of stops both in Germany.

AveEldon Wed 01-Feb-17 11:45:21


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InspirerooMonika Tue 07-Feb-17 15:00:15

Are you still looking for tips? I drove this last year - just me with 3 kids 8 and under. Cheapest option DFDS ferry, then it's a looooooong drive, though Bilund, aka Legoland is enroute if you are heading to Gothenburg via Frederikshavn.

Alternative is taking ferry from Travemünde or Rostock.

AveEldon Fri 10-Feb-17 11:00:30

Yes still looking for tips thanks

Is the tunnel quicker than the ferry?
Which ferry route did you take?

We will take the Oresund Bridge or possibly the Rostock - Trelleborg ferry

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