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baby friendly hotel in Cornwall

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jasper Wed 05-Jun-02 21:59:25

Know of one? My sil is looking for one for the end of July. Her baby is a few weeks old. So far she has only found hotels costing £100 pp per night which is a bit steep.
They want to go to the furthest away part of Cornwall.

GillW Thu 06-Jun-02 11:50:32

Might not be far enough west for you (near Newquay) but you could try the Watergate Bay hotel -

Ems Thu 06-Jun-02 18:16:59

There is one in St Ives, treganna Castle I think, has hotel, s/c facilites, golf course, and a nursery-nanny sort of place.

havent been, got the brochure last year. Fantastic views of the sea.

cocococo Wed 19-Jun-02 21:25:56

Jumping in on this thread as I'm looking at Cornish hols at the moment too. I'm trying to decide between Watergate Bay, Sands Hotel and Bedruthan Steps in Cornwall all seem about the same price c£55 per person per night dinner bed and breakfast (early July)I wondered if anyone could recommend any of them. DS will be 11 months so we don't need loads of facilities just babylistening,nice pool and close to beach.

hotelconnections have a gorgeous 4 star in Bournemouth (Menzies Carlton) that we stayed in when DS was 3 months and it was fab £49pppndbb - amazing deal but DH really wants to go to Cornwall.

Janus Thu 20-Jun-02 19:58:16

I've heard very good things about Bedruthan Steps and have been there to walk around, etc, but not actually stayed. I remember it being recommended as the top hotel to take children to in the country by one of their surveys which seems a pretty good response. The beach around Bedruthan is lovely from what I remember. Is the Sands Hotel at Saunton Sands? If so, I went there as a kid (grew up in Devon) and I still remember it now and I was about 7, again an excellent beach. The Fowey Hotel is another one in Cornwall but, I think, hellish expensive but again, have been in the day and it did look heavenly.

Lollypop Thu 20-Jun-02 20:02:19

Try it has quiet a few hotels & guest houses.

cocococo Thu 20-Jun-02 21:45:42

Have decided on Gara Rock Hotel in Devon instead. They are doing an amazing deal of free accomodation where you just pay for your meals. It works out at £140 per person for 5 nights dinner bed & breakfast which is a fraction of the price some of the hotels in Cornwall were charging. The offer runs out on the 5th July, they still have some availability. Also found some really excellent deals at
they have St Endoc in Cornwall (REALLY nice, no availability for us, Bath Priory, Calcot Manor (Cotswolds), The Old Bell and also the deal I have booked at Gara

Tinkerbell Thu 27-Jun-02 13:59:48

we used to go to the beach at Gara Rock when we were kids and staying in Cornwall. A complete hike down but fantastic once you're there. this has been a bit of a 'memory lane' read for me. have a great time.

HueysDad Tue 11-Oct-16 16:59:00

Gara Rock is in Devon?

We've recently been to the Bedruthan in Mawgan Porth, Cornwall. It is absolutely lovely and very very family / child friendly. It even has special activities put on to entertain children. Beautiful place, incredible beach.
The Bedruthan also has a sister hotel The Scarlet, but the Bedruthan has been tailored specifically it seems for a family experience and it is great.

Ive not written the Bedruthan experience on the blog yet, however i have a number of place to visit in Devon instead.... lovely places to go in Devon, and free parking!

mouldycheesefan Wed 12-Oct-16 10:05:28

I am surprised you can get watergate bay for £55 per person per night, that is a good deal I would take it.
It's right in the beach and has a fantastic swimming pool.
Bedruthan has lots for kids but is an unattractive 60s building and a bit holiday inn like inside.
Sands is on a main road, again unattractive but lots for kids.
As your sis won't be using the kids facilities with such a tiny one I would choose watergate bay.
Scarlet is adults only and a bit soulless but has hot tubs outside with amazing views.

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