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first holiday abroad for the summer single parent

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Stormedley Mon 02-Jan-17 19:36:46

Lots of help needed please, i am thinking of pushing the boat out and taking my kids 14 and 8 on a holiday abroad in the Summer hols. We have only ever gone to Butlins which in many ways is fine because i like that everything is all included and feel safe as in that its all in a complex as i worry being on my own and suffer quite a bit with anxiety at times Butlins can be good
(they were fantastic at finding my boy when he wandered off in the arcade and i was beside myself). However Butlins is not much fun for my daughter who will be turning 15 in June and is in full swing of the teenage hormones and barely ventures out of her room. So now am looking for something that will suit all of us. I briefly looked into Spain as was told i could get the same price hol as i was paying for Butlins and yes i could in fact i was paying more as i was only going to Butlins for 4 nights against a week away!! So please exact places to go, hotels all inclusive etc etc It doesn't have to be Spain thanks so much

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