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Poppiesway Wed 28-Dec-16 23:10:51

I've booked a short holiday for ds2 and I next year. First time I've taken ds2 abroad (single parent). I know the hotel as I've stayed there before and flights all from a well known company.
However just looking though their fb page and there's a few people complaining about them. Which has worried me now. I'm sure the majority of people have no problems and it's the minority that complain.. but they have put the wind up me now confused

Has anyone here booked through them and had any good or bad experiences they can share about the company for me..
ideally I want to put my mind to rest and it will all be fine...

wasninah Wed 28-Dec-16 23:15:20

I did this year, around the time there was a scare about another online holiday company going bust, and like you I was a bit worried! however everything was fine. Like you I am a single parent so holidays feel quite a responsibility. However you should be fine - enjoy!

Poppiesway Wed 28-Dec-16 23:44:48

I've driven the dc all over the uk on holidays myself just not abroad. Ds1 (18) no longer wants to come with us any where and thought I'd be brave as it's only one of them and fly abroad!
I was tempted to book it all myself but it was the paying in instalments that appealed to me.

HeadDreamer Thu 29-Dec-16 07:29:19

I did a couple of years ago.

time2answertoday2014 Thu 29-Dec-16 18:59:02

Hi, I booked with them few weeks ago to go Fuerteventura for a week. I'm also a single parent and it was the first time I booked with Loveholidays and they were fine, go my documents straight away. We just got back on Christmas Eve. I was one of lowcostholidays casualties, but got my money back through my bank, so I understand how you may be feeling, and I'm now weary who I book with. Thomas Cook also does monthly direct debit. You can also try "On The Beach" "EasyJet holidays" After my fiasco with Lowcostholiday, I booked with EasyJet Holidays, to Majorca but again it was last minute and everything was fine. And I had the best holiday ever. At one point I was just gonna book with British Airways. But I'm glad I didn't. I will only ever now do last minute booking - (2/3 weeks before) as I cant handle the stress I went through with Lowcostholiday - the company that went bust 5 days before I paid for my holiday, but that's just my preference. All the best.

Poppiesway Fri 30-Dec-16 10:08:00

Im trying to ring them now and been on hold for 15 mins so far..
They've taken my deposit from bank but still no confirmation of holiday or paper work emailed through.. Even though it's past the 72 hours sad
Trying to sort it out.. Fingers crossed it will be ok..

Poppiesway Fri 30-Dec-16 10:11:39

Apparently they have no booking confirmation still from airlines or hotel.. But they're happy to keep my money angry
I have to wait for them to ring me back now..

time2answertoday2014 Fri 30-Dec-16 10:29:31

Hi Poppiesway, oh dear, when are you due to go on holiday?

Poppiesway Fri 30-Dec-16 10:32:28

Not till June.. hopefully they will sort it out. Frustrating that they take the money without actually confirming there's places available!
I'm just worrying as it's first time I've booked to take ds2 anywhere and is a lot of money to me sad

time2answertoday2014 Fri 30-Dec-16 10:33:50

Oh, misread your post. Ok Due to go next year. They should still provide you with confirmation. Write on their Facebook page, send an inbox to them with your LV details requesting the confirmation.

time2answertoday2014 Fri 30-Dec-16 10:39:49

Trust me, I know exactly how you are feeling. Sometimes I feel like just closing my eyes and going to Thomas cook / Thomson / in person just to get satisfaction, but its a lot of money to spend on a holiday just for 1 adult and one child, especially you have to pay adult fare for the child, which I did in my case. I'm sure they will be ok its ABTA and ATOL protected.

Poppiesway Fri 30-Dec-16 11:00:48

They're investigating and will get back to me today they said.. fingers crossed.

I had a quote from a travel counsellor and it was really expensive. One of my work colleagues used to be a business travel agent and told me it was too much money I had been quoted. She quickly looked it all up separately and it was much cheaper! Going through this company was about the same price (the cheaper price).. I'm just so nervous when I'm not normally!

time2answertoday2014 Fri 30-Dec-16 11:47:42

Fingers crossed.

Will check later to see how you've got on ok.

L0veholidays Fri 30-Dec-16 13:01:21

Hi Poppie,

I'm sorry to hear that you've had an issue with your booking. Would you be able to drop me an email at so that I can take a look and assist?


Poppiesway Fri 30-Dec-16 16:05:45

@L0veholidays I have done Thankyou smile

time2answertoday2014 Fri 30-Dec-16 20:49:09


Poppiesway Mon 02-Jan-17 22:12:31

Still no confirmation from them angry they said it would be done as a priority by 2pm Saturday.. nothing. Have emailed them again requesting a refund of my deposit if they are unable to confirm my booking!

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