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French Colonies de Vacances which depart from London?

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DoMyBest Wed 28-Dec-16 13:50:39

We're a half Francophone family with bilingual boys but as they're at an English school we'd like them to be 'immersed' in French language & culture as much as possible. I used to be sent to Bordeaux for colonies de vacances (can't remember which) and my boys are desperate to start next summer, if not before.
I notice some colonies now depart from London (amazing: I was just sent on a plane aged 8 as an unnacompanied minor), and wondered if any francophone London parents could recommend any? Is there one that London-based Lycée parents tend to send their children to? It would be nice for the boys to get to know other local French children (even if it takes going to France to do it!).

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