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Holiday of a lifetime

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reikizen Sun 25-Dec-16 19:28:52

If money were no object, where would you take an 11 and a 13 year old on holiday?

Skatingpenguin Sun 25-Dec-16 19:36:19


ThomasRichard Sun 25-Dec-16 19:36:38

Costa Rica on a rainforest/volcano tour.

Frazzled2207 Sun 25-Dec-16 19:37:51

Our honeymoon was a safari to Kenya.
That would be an amazing experience for our kids when they are that kind of age and I'd love to be able to afford to take them, unfortunately it's highly unlikely!

Rosa Sun 25-Dec-16 19:39:14

Where they would be happy.
AUstralia or New Zealand possibly?
At 13 I loved Canada , learnt to fish, paddle a canoe and stayed in a log cabin by a lake... It was fantastic.
At 10 my dd wants a pool a pool and a pool wherever we go.

chicaguapa Sun 25-Dec-16 19:42:44

Definitely on a safari in Africa. DC have both already said they'd love to do that.

smEGGnogg Sun 25-Dec-16 19:51:14

Husband an I would be fighting over these options...
Tour of India
American road trip
Antarctic cruise

GlitterGlue Sun 25-Dec-16 20:11:05

Difficult to say without knowing the teens. I know where I'd like to go though.

Are you actually planning on going somewhere? Might be worth looking at some of the family travel trips for inspiration? They may also be a good idea if you want an easy trip. Intrepid do some, as do the adventure company.

mummymeister Mon 26-Dec-16 11:04:08

Belize without a shadow of doubt. can message you with more details if you want. Or a 3 week road trip to Canada again can send you the details.

NannyR Mon 26-Dec-16 11:15:59

Depends on what they like to do and how experienced/confident both you and they are with travel. They are a great age to enjoy a safari maybe add on a week in somewhere like Zanzibar.
You would need to check age restrictions, but what about going to see the mountain gorillas in Rwanda?
Macchu pichu (sp?) in Peru, if they are reasonably fit they would cope with the trek but you would need to consider altitude.
Australia - you could combine beaches, cities and wildlife with a 4WD off the beaten track camping trip in the out back - sleeping under the stars next to campfire is amazing.

Shadowridge Mon 26-Dec-16 11:17:38

California road trip - we did it this year and the DC loved it.

GandolfBold Wed 28-Dec-16 14:33:31

Tell us more shadow. This would be my DH's dream holiday.

cornflowerblu Wed 28-Dec-16 14:35:45

Probably a California road trip. It wouldn't necessarily be my idea of a holiday of a lifetime but I think it has everything kids that age could want and parents could still love it too

HeadDreamer Thu 29-Dec-16 07:35:56

New Zealand. I have tried planning it, but even 3 weeks we don't get to see everything we want.

EddSimcox Thu 29-Dec-16 08:08:53

We went to Malaysia including Borneo. Asian cities, beaches, jungle, animals, local culture. It was completely amazing. (DC are 9, 9 and 13)

JaneAustinAllegro Thu 29-Dec-16 08:12:16

Ecuador and the Galapagos- mountains, jungle, colonial cities and a boat trip around the most astonishing place on planet earth. Arm / leg if you do it properly, far less if you have the time to be flexible (and of course if you have the time, hop down to Peru...)

specialsubject Thu 29-Dec-16 13:40:54

Nz is the size of the UK and although it has less historical stuff, you wouldn't expect to see the UK on three weeks.

But with a few days on the north island and the rest on the south, you can see a lot of the highlights. Trick is to understand travel times and so not spend the whole trip in the car. And be prepared for capricious weather.

oldlaundbooth Thu 29-Dec-16 13:45:13

Hmm. Probably Australia TBH. I spent a year there in my 20's and loved it.

Would have a month, some time in a campervan to do the East coast, Sydney and Melbourne in hotels, see Tazmania too. Wouldn't bother with the West Coast or Adélaïde.

Or (having just spelt Tanzania instead of Tazmania) maybe South Africa?

Or perhaps Asia, I've never been and would love to go.

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