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Getting around disney with a little one

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Alliepally Sun 18-Feb-07 17:38:11

We are off to Orlando in a couple of weeks with a 4 year old who has just given her stroller to Santa. She is still not brilliant walking any distance. Any advice regarding getting around the parks? Are there little trains/buses etc?

tiredemma Sun 18-Feb-07 17:40:09

I think that they have little buggy things ( like what they have at legoland)

at least im hoping so as im going in 7 weeks and ds2 will not cope with walking around!

tinpot Sun 18-Feb-07 17:49:27

She needs to have a word with Santa and tell him to bring back that stroller asap! Having just returned from a trip to disney with a reluctant walker, also 4yo, it would be a very good idea to have it handy. Not only is there loads of walking to do, it will be really hot and it will be too much to expect her to walk. There are strollers available but at a price and do you really want to be paying out for more than you need to (about $10 per day). Also if you are in a hurry to get to the next show / ride on time then it will be easier to have her in the stroller than walking. Also, not wishing to make this an unnecessarily long post, it is handy to have at the airport - sometimes it can be a long wait at immigration and if she can sit and wait in the stroller it might make your life easier (you can gate check it and get it straight away when you get off the plane).
In short get that stoller back or borrow one from a friend!

Donbean Sun 18-Feb-07 18:01:26

We are heading to toysrus as soon as we get there to buy a small buggy. I think that they are about £15 so we are going to leave it at the house we are staying in for other people to use. (the owners are friends of ours).

Donbean Sun 18-Feb-07 18:01:53

We are going in 5 weeks.................SO EXCITED!!!!

Hulababy Sun 18-Feb-07 18:04:16

You need a buggy IMO at Disney. We still used ours last summer, when DD was 4. They are very long days with a lot of walking and standing. The buggy was essential TBH - sat waiting for the parades, the end of a very long day. Would have been a pain without it. Agree also very useful for airport at the other side as the US airport procedures can go on for ages!

You can, however, hire buggies at Disnet. Can't remember how much for - maybe $9 a day??? Might say on one of the Disney websites.

Alliepally Sun 18-Feb-07 18:49:15

Reluctant to start using a stroller again but sounds like we might need to. Like the idea of buying a cheapie from Toysrus Donbean.

tinpot Sun 18-Feb-07 20:40:18

Forgot to say...have a great time! Disney is magical for little ones. We're already planning to go back when our dd who is only 1 is a bit older. We hadn't used the stroller for ds since dd was born but under the circumstances can stress enough that it's a good idea. Perhaps we should do a 'tips for taking little ones at disney' thread.
So, I'll start...
1) take stroller
2) have a rain coat for everyone - it rains a lot and you don't really want to have to buy a disney poncho do you?
3) get to the parks early. We got to magic kingdom for opening and got on all of the 'little ones' rides without standing in line then we could do the rest of the park at a more leisurely pace
4) take a picnic / snacks for little ones. Food is expensive and the service is really slow.
5) Get a spot for the parades early - it fills up really quickly...
if I think of more I'll post!

froggyjo Sat 24-Feb-07 10:55:42

hia have a fab time in disney i live in florida and really would advize buying a buggy when you get to orlando walmart and toy s r us all sell them for about $15 or try kmart for a real bargain i wouldnt fly with one my older one would not have gone in one at the airport also if she walks in the terminal by the time she gets on the flight she wil be ready to relax and sit down also from most of the hotels in orlando there are shuttle buses to all the parks
hope this helps you will have the most amzing time!!!!

Ladymuck Sat 24-Feb-07 11:08:09

We're off in at Easter, but a friend has just come back and her 6 year old ended up in a stroller at times (they were in a group with loads of kids and hers was the oldest). Some of the parks estimate that you walk up to 6 miles in a visit, and don't forget the standing in queues.

We've been preparing ds2 who gave up his buggy last summer that he'll be back in one. We've watched the Disney planning DVD with him (the free one for the website), and dhowed him the buggies, but he decided that he like his old one (MacLaren volo).

wheresthehamster Sat 24-Feb-07 11:24:22

A buggy is must! Even older siblings like to hitch a ride sometimes!

Also you need somewhere to put all the bags, ponchos, cardigans, souvenirs and food.

I put a buggy on Freecycle a couple of years ago and it was snapped up by someone like yourself. Worth a look?

lovelymoo Sat 24-Feb-07 12:01:04

we're going too in 4 weeks with dc's has anyone managed to find any deals on disney tickets as we have just started looking at prices?

ScottishThistle Sat 24-Feb-07 12:07:19

As others have said buy a cheap buggy, heat & walking/standing for long periods of time make for a very tired wee person.

Ladymuck Sat 24-Feb-07 13:08:40 have some of cheapest prices that I've seen though they have a reputation of sending stuff out at te last minute, so I would give an earlier departure date. But the pricing seems to pretty much work that once you have paid for 3 or 4 days then there isn't a huge difference for tickets covering up to 14 or 21 days.

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