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Travel journal recommendations

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busyrascal Sat 10-Dec-16 20:03:48

Hi everyone,

I would like to get my in-laws a travel journal as they like travelling. I have been looking at various journals on Amazon and a lot of the negative reviews say that they are child-like. I want to get them something that is more than just a glorified notebook but I don't want to patronise them with something childish.

Any recommendations?

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Sgtmajormummy Sat 10-Dec-16 20:07:00

Moleskine have a notebook to cover every need (ar har!), some are even geared to visiting a specific city with maps, tourist info etc and their paper is great even for fountain pens.

Sgtmajormummy Sat 10-Dec-16 20:08:44

Here's the London

NannyR Sat 10-Dec-16 20:11:44

Paperchase have a good selection of journals and notebooks. Personally, I prefer a plain journal with a travel themed cover, so I can customize the inside exactly how I like it.

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