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Do I need a visa to visit USA from UK?

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Momentumista Fri 02-Dec-16 12:15:04

I am confused by information online - it seems to suggest the 'visa waiver' applies (i.e. no visa needed?) if I have a e-passport and my visit is for a holiday under 90 days (it is).

Can anyone who knows about this please advise?
Many thanks.

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TheSullenPenguin Fri 02-Dec-16 12:18:34

You need an ESTA, go to the official website and apply

There is a charge for it but not very much.

dementedpixie Fri 02-Dec-16 12:20:22

Looks to be true but you still need an ESTA

TheChippendenSpook Fri 02-Dec-16 12:20:33

You will need an ESTA if you're going on holiday. They're not too expensive and last for 3years. You apply for them online.

TheChippendenSpook Fri 02-Dec-16 12:20:57

Haha! Crossed posts with a few grin

Momentumista Fri 02-Dec-16 12:34:18

OK thanks, will get an ETSA.
I was unsure if an ETSA was synonymous with a visa <out of date old bag emoticon>

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Threesoundslikealot Fri 02-Dec-16 12:35:01

The ESTA is the visa-waiver document.

NicknameUsed Fri 02-Dec-16 22:38:14

You definitely need an ePassport to apply for the ESTA. If you don't have an ePassport you need to apply for a visa.

Official advice here

Creampastry Sat 03-Dec-16 06:42:38

$14 and lasts for 2 years, you must have it at least 72 hours before travel,

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