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Amsterdam in December - CHILD FREE!!

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KeepCalm Tue 08-Nov-16 14:18:39

3 whole glorious child free nights in Amsterdam with DH. What should we not miss please?? Flights/ hotel/ babysitter all booked - just need a plan now!

KeepCalm Tue 08-Nov-16 21:36:21

anybody been.........................

starsinyourpies Tue 08-Nov-16 21:42:54

Sounds amazing! We did a lot of wandering and drinking. There is a really nice area for shopping & cafes/bars which I think is called 9 streets. The Hoxton is a nice place to while away an afternoon/evening. If you want to get out of town Monnickandem is a lovely spot again with nice cafes and restaurants, about half an hour on bus or quicker on Uber (we used uber a lot).

KeepCalm Wed 09-Nov-16 06:19:03

Hadn't even considered Uber thank you. We normally just wander with a very slight plan if any!

Cosmiccreepers203 Wed 09-Nov-16 06:27:58

Go to the cigar museum. It is tiny and the guides are hilarious.

Cosmiccreepers203 Wed 09-Nov-16 06:28:48

Sorry, it's the pipe museum. The 9 street are gorgeous.

ruby1234 Wed 09-Nov-16 06:30:06

Have a trip to Haarlem, 15 minutes on the train. Really nice place, shops,cafes, bars and nicely decorated for Xmas. The Vondelpark is nice for a stroll round and near to the canal boat trips.

KeepCalm Wed 09-Nov-16 21:46:55

All Lovely ideas thank you. I have bought a book. That's as far as I've got and will probably only have time to look at it on plane over!

feedmelollipops Wed 09-Nov-16 21:56:37

The katten kabinet

Riversiderunner Sun 20-Nov-16 00:16:16

Drinks (or supper if you're feeing flush) at the W hotel in Spuistraat. Amazing rooftop bar and absolutely delicious (tho not cheap) steak restaurant on the top of v trendy hotel (Katy Perry was there the other day, FWIW!)

Riversiderunner Sun 20-Nov-16 00:17:09

also, and I know it's a cliche but still, the Van Gogh museum is GREAT

Laura4100 Sun 20-Nov-16 17:55:06

Skiing holiday coming up- what do we do, at the end of a long day, when our 5 and 8 year old don't want to carry their skis?? Always a problem with skis and poles....

Laura4100 Sun 20-Nov-16 17:57:14

Oops wrong place sorry!

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