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Clothes for Lapland visit

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Leigh19 Thu 27-Oct-16 09:47:56

Help - I am taking 5 little ones (aged 6, 5, 5, 4, 3) to Lapland on 19 December for 3 days. Any advice on what to pack clothes wise as need to be really minimal on luggage...we get snow suits and boots in the package and I have a good idea but would appreciate a 'packing list for each child' from someone who has experienced this trip.

GrainOfSalt Thu 27-Oct-16 10:07:27

Thermal long sleeve undies, balaclavas (as well as hats) thinish gloves (to go under the ones I think they will provide) SOCKS - thick and thin... fleece packs down and is really warm

Dress them in the airport with all the warm/ bulky stuff to go through customs/ get on the plane then take a couple of carriers to bung it all in on the plane (and airside if you have a long wait - you may have to bung it all on for getting on the plane again - a hassle but it's amazing how much they can carry on them grin ).

They will only need plimsolls/ slippers when inside so can wear the bulky outside shoes/ boots on the journey. Make them wear their coats with gloves in the pockets (maybe worth putting them on strings) and scarves/ hats etc (You're not taking 5 on your own are you???)

Leigh19 Fri 28-Oct-16 23:03:31

Thanks for that - great advice. Not quite on my own - have my husband (g dad) coming along too - as long as he doesn't moan!!

Alonglongway Fri 28-Oct-16 23:10:56

Ah have a great time. We went when DD1 was 4 and then again 2 years later when DD2 was old enough to enjoy - DD1 is 18 now and still remembers the husky ride, the northern lights, and how did Santa choose such perfect presents?!

NicknameUsed Sun 30-Oct-16 23:06:35

You will need more layers than that. It is really cold in December

We went to Lapland last February when the daytime temperatures were about -7. At Christmas it has been -37. We each wore a base layer, a middle layer and a fleece under our snowsuits. We also had hats, snoods, thin gloves, waterproof gloves, thermal socks, thermal leggings and trousers.

None of the above were supplied by our hotel. They only supplied snow boots and snowsuits, although we took our own snow boots as we already had some. You need to go to somewhere like Decathlon who specialises in ski wear. I would also say that of all the items I have listed waterproof gloves are more important than the rest.

You might struggle with the snowy activities because everything was done in pairs. Two people per reindeer sledge and two people per husky sledge. In fact I doubt you would be able to do this with small children because you need an adult to drive the dogs and an adult on the back to slow them down, and there wouldn't have been room for a small child as well. When we did the snowmobile ride all children under 15 were pulled along in a sledge. DD said she was the coldest she had ever been.

We would have struggled to get all this lot into hand luggage.

mrsmortis Mon 31-Oct-16 09:43:02

When buying gloves, make sure that they are long enough to go up under the cuffs on their sleeves. The coldest my DD got was because there was a gap between her gloves and her suit where they kept coming out. You also want to make sure that whatever hats you have cover ears.

Have Aldi done their winter outerwear / skiwear week yet? Their gloves, etc. are really good. Taking spares are a good idea, especially if the children like playing in the snow.

For clothes under snow suits we didn't buy anything special but we did do layers. So tights, then leggings, then trousers and socks on the bottom and vest, long sleeved t-shirt, short sleeved t-shirt, jumper, and fleece on the top. I still under estimated how many clothes we'd need and DD ended up wearing one of my t-shirts as a dress one day.

It was only about -20 when we were there.

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